visual issues

Many maps are unworkable. For example look at Thystes. There are blank areas near the entrance to the Cathedral.

Update: a screenshot has been added.

Missing skybox

Fixed in 1.6.1.

When using fast travel by boat, the skybox is missing it shows only a checkered grid

Health bar – Cleric

After finishing Daedolon’s quest to visit the Heresiarch’s seminary, upon reload, the Cleric’s health bar/chain becomes that of a mage. Nothing else is affected.

Skybox borders in Direct3D

With the new OpenGL rendering engine in Scattered Evil 1.1, the Direct3D renderer is deprecated as it now has no features the OpenGL rendered would lack.

When running the game using the Direct3D renderer, skyboxes are rendered with a visible line at every seam (where the textures meet). They display fine in OpenGL.