Cheats No Longer Listed

All Scattered Evil versions and Korax Mod 5.0 and later are built on Vavoom and use mostly the standard Vavoom cheats which you can find at . The major difference is that “gimme” has a few new additional parameters, most notably “gold”, “exp”, “life”, “death”.

With the release of Korax Mod 5, all older versions are considered fit only for a museum. 🙂

Cheats are no longer listed for any of the mods. Where they removed entirely?

mage archbishop Lucas

Fixed in 1.6

this is a conflict in documentation.

Archbishop Lucas gives you a quest. Compare what he says and what is in the journal. I finished the game and never solved Archbihop Lucas’s quest

Missing wall in Thryas Reservoir

Fixed in 1.5.

On the top level of the main reservoir area, right after crossing the rope to the west, the south wall of the room below the switch is missing. It is possible to walk and fall through this wall, similar to using the NOCLIP cheat, which results in the player landing on the level below.

The wall texture is still there, but the wall itself is not solid.

Mouselook don’t work when ALT+TAB

After alt+tabbing mouselook stop working. on-off switching in mouse options doesn’t help. Mouse strife and walk are working tho even being off’ed.

Sound and music volume are linked

Fixed in 1.2 with audio engine change.

Lowering the music to 0 also turns off the sound. (and sometimes disables it until the port is restarted)

(reposted, as I may have forgot to select Scattered Evil on the previous one)