Mouselook doesn’t work left to right, only up and down.

I got mouselook to work, but it seems to only register mouselook for the purposes of looking up and down. Left and right refuses to work, no matter what I try. It seems to be a quirk with this mod specifically, as base Vavoom works just fine.

Blacksmith hammer can’t be dropped

Steps: 1. Play as a mage. 2. Get some hammers from monster drops or with “Gimme” command. Mage is very unlikely to have his armor damaged to a <50% because he just dies from a lightest wind blow. I didn’t find the setting or bind for “drop inventory” action. So after hub 2 my character is forced to run at the edge of overburdened status because I (un-)intentionally accumulated 10+ hammers.

Secret level of hub 1 doesn’t open

Steps: 1. Solve the Guardian of Steel puzzle. 2. Step on the center platform to get the message “Stones grind on th Seven Portals”. 3. Go to the Seven Portals. Looking at the script code it checks if it was ran twice but I didn’t found another place where it is called. Maybe I’m just wasn’t thorough enough.

Character class doesn’t properly restore after loading a save

Steps: 1. Start a game as a mage. 2. Save the game. 3. While the game is running start a new game as a fighter. 4. Load the mage save. 5. Open console, type “class “. The issue can be game-breaking to some degree because it changes the camp NPC spawns and can prevent acquiring new weapons/spells.

General Issues with mana

Fixed in 1.6.1.

Under certain circumstances, every mana pickup stops giving 15 units, giving only 1 instead.