The game 5 fps when i open the journal

You probably didn’t even notice this if you have a good pc, but in mine when i level up and i open the journal it becomes almost unusable, the mouse is REALLY laggy.

Sorry if i did not express myself correctly, English is not my matern language.

getting rich quickly.

From the point of view of systems testing the following is brilliant, from the viewpoint of playing the game it spoils the game.

Buy items in Neusas and sell them in Thysis and repeat over and over. I wound up with 10,000 gold coins and the maximum of all objects on sale.

I don’t think that you need to fix this. I used it while I was trying to work out how to play the game

Automatic inventory use

(not sure if I reported it on here or on the ZDoom forums, but posting here to make certain)

Entering a town or dungeon from the world travel map will always use the selected inventory item. (the only way to work around this presently is to select a puzzle item, which luckily is an unused book found in the first Hexquake map)

Monsters not waking up

The monsters in the two Hexquake maps (Darkbough/Deepbough) are not waking up after they spawn, until you fire a weapon.

(these are the first 2 maps I’ve found so far, dunno if it applies beyond)