mage archbishop Lucas

Fixed in 1.6

this is a conflict in documentation.

Archbishop Lucas gives you a quest. Compare what he says and what is in the journal. I finished the game and never solved Archbihop Lucas’s quest

mage attributes

Found the root cause – a fix will be published in SE 2.1 and KMOD 5.1.

When you start the game you give attributes to the player. Playing the mage no matter what values i select the mage starts with the default values.

No more free blocks

In the Donaus Sanctuary the game crashes with a “No more free blocks” message.

Missing wall in Thryas Reservoir

Fixed in 1.5.

On the top level of the main reservoir area, right after crossing the rope to the west, the south wall of the room below the switch is missing. It is possible to walk and fall through this wall, similar to using the NOCLIP cheat, which results in the player landing on the level below.

The wall texture is still there, but the wall itself is not solid.

Doorways in Thystes Fortress are too small to fit through

Fixed in 1.4.

In the Thystes Fortress, a couple of the doorways leading from the ramparts are too low to fit through without crouching. The first is the doorway from the southeastern ramparts into the latrine room. The second is the doorway from the central tower structure into the ramparts that run west-east through the center of the map.

This was tested with the fighter. I don’t know if the other classes have different heights like in some mods.