Skybox borders in Direct3D

With the new OpenGL rendering engine in Scattered Evil 1.1, the Direct3D renderer is deprecated as it now has no features the OpenGL rendered would lack.

When running the game using the Direct3D renderer, skyboxes are rendered with a visible line at every seam (where the textures meet). They display fine in OpenGL.

Transparency in OpenGL renderer

This is fixed with the new OpenGL renderer in Scattered Evil 1.1.

When using the OpenGL renderer, transparency only works if the surface is illuminated by a light source. This is a requirement on both sides of the linedef, i.e. a window you can see through needs two light sources.

3D water surfaces are also intransparent, but when they are illuminated, instead of turning transparent they disappear completely in illuminated sectors.

When using the Direct3D renderer, the surfaces are always transparent.

Music doesn’t change upon changing location

Fixed in 1.6

Upon entering a new location from the travel map, the music doesn’t change to the music of the location and the game continues to play the travel music.

As a workaround, all maps that can be entered from the travel map have a track with a unique file name in mapinfo. The remaining issue is when the player exits and then reenters a location without visiting another place first.

Travel map displays some location names wrong

While using the travel map and arriving at a location, the popup lists the name of the location wrong in many cases. This is probably due to the popup pulling the names from the wrong mapinfo file.


Fixed in Beta 4.

Crash on fourth weapon pieces

If the player already has the fourth weapon assembled and picks up a new piece for it, the game crashes.


Update: upon further testing, this applies only to the fighter, the other two classes are unaffected.


Fixed in Beta 4.