Cheats No Longer Listed

All Scattered Evil versions and Korax Mod 5.0 and later are built on Vavoom and use mostly the standard Vavoom cheats which you can find at . The major difference is that “gimme” has a few new additional parameters, most notably “gold”, “exp”, “life”, “death”.

With the release of Korax Mod 5, all older versions are considered fit only for a museum. 🙂

Cheats are no longer listed for any of the mods. Where they removed entirely?

Key’s are removed from inventory upon leaving an area

Fixed in SE 1.9.

It has been noticed that key’s from player’s inventory after leaving an area, making areas inaccessible after returning. This was observed in Jodisec Mines, leaving the dungeon after obtaining both Cave Key and Castle Key, moving to nearby town, and returning back.

One of possible solutions for the issue is to have keys spawn back in upon returning, either in the locations they appear originally or at the entrance to the dungeon.

General Issues with mana

Fixed in 1.6.1.

Under certain circumstances, every mana pickup stops giving 15 units, giving only 1 instead.

Missing skybox

Fixed in 1.6.1.

When using fast travel by boat, the skybox is missing it shows only a checkered grid