visual issues

Many maps are unworkable. For example look at Thystes. There are blank areas near the entrance to the Cathedral.

Update: a screenshot has been added.

Doorways in Thystes Fortress are too small to fit through

Fixed in 1.4.

In the Thystes Fortress, a couple of the doorways leading from the ramparts are too low to fit through without crouching. The first is the doorway from the southeastern ramparts into the latrine room. The second is the doorway from the central tower structure into the ramparts that run west-east through the center of the map.

This was tested with the fighter. I don’t know if the other classes have different heights like in some mods.

Quietus projectiles render windows unbreakable

Fixed in 1.4.

When targeting two breakable windows with Quietus, one window will break and the other will not when hit by the projectiles. The unbroken window will remain indestructible for the rest of the game.

I first noticed this in The Frozen Court. The breakable stained glass windows at the tops of the stairs are right next to each other. When I swung Quietus at them, one window broke but the other did not, even when hit by other weapons. This denied me access to the item behind it.

I wasn’t sure whether to tack this on to the previous bug report about Quietus, but it seems to be a separate issue. In case it does turn out to be related, the window glitch happened when firing Quietus without any blue or green mana, i.e. the other glitch had already occurred.


First I have played through the UTUBE preview of the next version. It is very impressive.

I have suggestions that would improve the playability of the game.

Suggestion one

Allocate each defensive spell a key on the keyboard rather than having to navigate between them.

Suggestion two.
The problem is when you are fighting a powerfull monster using icons of the defender and pounding the monster with masses of time bombs. When the invulnerability created by an icon of the defender wears off you have to scramble to use the next one and then switch back to the time bombs.
My initial thought was to use a hot key for icons of the defender. This would make life much easier.
Then I thought of a change which fits in with the philosophy of the game.

In addition to the existing initial spell create an invulnerability spell for all three classes available at start of game which works if you have icons of the defender and uses one.