Monsters not waking up

The monsters in the two Hexquake maps (Darkbough/Deepbough) are not waking up after they spawn, until you fire a weapon.

(these are the first 2 maps I’ve found so far, dunno if it applies beyond)

Charisma – Mage

Fixed in 1.5.1

Same issue as Bug #1358.

As the Mage, Charisma has no effect. For the other classes, it works fine.

Magic/Faith/Rage not regenerating

Fixed in 1.5 (or maybe earlier).

After level 6, the character’s casting resource stops regenerating on its own, regardless of wisdom amount.

It resumes regenerating after level 20ish.

More specifically: This happened as the Fighter, upon killing, at level 5, the magma serpent, ettin commander, and ghost king centaur in Blackbough, reaching level 9 and allocating 15 points into wisdom.

Inventory movement sometimes buggy

This is fixed in Scattered Evil 2.1 and Korax Mod 5.2.

At times, the inventory navigation works as intended, the items in the grid stay in place and you can navigate them in two dimensions. At other times, the items start scrolling to the left and disappear from the grid, similar to how the original Hexen inventory works.

To reproduce the two behaviors, you can either start the game with a “+map map01” argument from ScatteredEvil.bat and it will work the way it is supposed to, or start a new game from the menu. In either case, use the gimme artifacts cheat and you’ll see the difference in scrolling (or not scrolling).