Mystic Ambit Incant

As of 1.6, this item has been deprecated and replaced by a different game mechanics.

Same issue as Bug #1367.

Similar to the bug below, the Incant restores armour instead of rage when the fighter uses it.

More charisma problems

Fixed in 1.6

Same issue as Bug #1358.

In addition to the various mage weapons, the fighter’s weapon 5 is also unaffected by charisma.

mystic ambit

As of 1.6, this item has been deprecated as battle rage/faith/magic now regenerates faster with charisma.

In the documentation mystic ambit is supposed to increase faith. It increases health. The game playability if this device functioned as documented.

Charisma – Certain mage weapons

Fixed in 1.6

Fixed in 1.5.1 for all but weapon 9

Some of the Mage character’s weapons remain unaffected by Charisma.

This test was performed at 9, and 39 charisma. The following weapons had no change in the mana they consumed, while the rest behaved as expected.

These are: Weapon 2 (sapphire wand), weapon 3 (Ruby wand,) Weapon 7 (Fireball), Weapon 8, and Weapon 9.

The rest scaled adequately with charisma.