Crash in Darkbough

With all the changes in 1.1, this is probably not reproducible any more. Can always be reopened if someone can reproduce it.

In map02 (Darkbough) after collecting all the planets in the east wing and coming back to the starting room with the pool, the game crashed with a segmentation violation error, see relevant part of the debug file below.

Note 1: during the playthrough when this occured, I was already upstairs at the planet room and opened the doors to the planet panel. Not sure if this is related.

Note 2: upon reloading a savegame that was made shortly before the crash, the map could be completed without further crashes.

Log: – VEntity::CheckRelPosition
Log: – VEntity::TryMove
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (engine.Entity.TryMoveEx 0)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.EntityEx.XYMovement 713)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.EntityEx.Physics 319)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.Actor.Physics 58)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.EntityEx.Tick 266)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.Actor.Tick 82)
Log: – RunFunction
Log: – (linespec.KRPGPawn.Tick 58)
Log: – VObject::ExecuteFunction
Log: – (linespec.KRPGPawn.Tick)
Log: – VThinker::Tick
Log: – VLevel::TickWorld
Log: – SV_Ticker
Log: – ServerFrame
Log: – Host_Frame
Log: Doing C_Shutdown
Log: Doing CL_Shutdown

First door on Gnosis

In Gnosis (map10) after killing an Ettin the portcullis is lowered, but after killing the remaining Ettins the door doesn't open, so it's not possible to proceed. Since this map is accessed from a teleport, there is no way out.

Update: this is fixed in Beta 5.

Travel map displays some location names wrong

While using the travel map and arriving at a location, the popup lists the name of the location wrong in many cases. This is probably due to the popup pulling the names from the wrong mapinfo file.


Fixed in Beta 4.

Crash on fourth weapon pieces

If the player already has the fourth weapon assembled and picks up a new piece for it, the game crashes.


Update: upon further testing, this applies only to the fighter, the other two classes are unaffected.


Fixed in Beta 4.