Zedek vanishes into thin air

When fighting Zedek in his tomb, his sprite turns bloody after receiving some damage. When he goes berserk, he seems to heal (or at least the sprite changes back to un-bloody). After some damage spam, he vanishes into nothing and the seal cannot be obtained, locking me from progressing.

opening inventory causes crash

After saving and quitting, opening the save again and opening inventory causes a crash with the message “W_GetNumForName: arsmcax not found!” all settings are on default, with a fresh download from sourceforge this happens MOST but not ALL the time, I’ve experienced other weird save corruption issues like the RPG mode changing as well. these issues affect all saves for a given character once they trigger

Mouselook doesn’t work left to right, only up and down.

I got mouselook to work, but it seems to only register mouselook for the purposes of looking up and down. Left and right refuses to work, no matter what I try. It seems to be a quirk with this mod specifically, as base Vavoom works just fine.

Crash during Heresyarch fight

Occurs in Heresiarch’s Seminary central hall. Stack trace: RunFunction <- (linespec.SorcBall.A_SorcOffence2 190) <- RunFunction <- (linespec.SorcBall.A_SorcBallOrbit 471) <- VObject::ExecuteFuntion <- (linespec.SorcBall.A_SorcBallOrbit)…