SE Development Update

The next version will be released most probably sometime this month. Below a few screenshots of new and updated areas.

Scattered Evil 1.6.2 Patch

This is a minor bugfix/tuning release that is 100% compatible with existing 1.6 savegames. Get it from SourceForge or ModDB.

This patch includes all changes from the 1.6.1 patch as well (entries marked with asterisk). This patch can be installed on any Scattered Evil 1.6 full installation, regardless of whether it has been patched to 1.6.1 previously or not.

New features:

  • Brand new Torch using a colored dynamic light
  • New menu option to set hotkeys for all common artifacts
  • Setup utility for Windows to set game resolution and specify IWAD location*

Bugs fixed:

  • Exotic Dancer in the F.L.C. getting stuck in a conversation loop when Moral Alignment is set to Good
  • Purchasing a crate of Icons of the Defender in Neusus adding incorrect amount to inventory
  • Krater of Might not giving red mana*
  • Travel by boat missing sky texture*
  • Size of Librarian Stryker in Thystes*
  • Arsenal and Spellbook displaying the same information more than once*
  • Conversation with Sir Billiam in Nolcormu crashing the game*
  • Mana cubes dropped by monsters giving 1 mana instead of 15*


  • Magic/Faith/Battle Rage regeneration now based on the pool size and using a new formula that should allow for a smoother ramp up when adding Charisma points
  • Swing timing for Axe of the Depths tweaked
  • Axe of the Depths base damage doubled
  • Monsters damaged by Axe of the Depths can now be thrown back a significant distance
  • Chilling Touch base damage tripled
  • Torch duration increased to 30 seconds
  • Player inventory now holds up to 50 Torches at a time
  • Reorganizing the Main and Options menus

Scattered Evil 1.6.1 Patch

This is a minor bugfix release that is 100% compatible with existing 1.6 savegames. Get it from SourceForge or ModDB.

Bugs fixed:

  • Krater of Might not giving red mana
  • Travel by boat missing sky texture
  • Size of Librarian Stryker in Thystes
  • Arsenal and Spellbook displaying the same information more than once
  • Conversation with Sir Billiam in Nolcormu crashing the game
  • Mana cubes dropped by monsters giving 1 mana instead of 15

New features:

  • Setup utility for Windows to set game resolution and specify IWAD location

Scattered Evil 1.6 released

Scattered Evil 1.6 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

  • New weapons and spells
    • The fighter now has the same amount of offensive options as the other classes, thanks to a new melee weapon (Axe of the Depths) and three new spells (Chilling Touch, Molten Metal, Judgment)
    • The mage’s Thunderstaff now generates blue mana on a successful melee attack
    • The cleric’s melee weapons now heal him whenever he damages an enemy
    • Diminishing returns now ensure that your character’s powers don’t grow into the ridiculous
  • NPC visual improvements
    • All important NPCs of Charybdea now have their own unique high resolution sprite
    • The resolution of NPC conversation portraits has been quadrupled
    • Improved the quality of some of the generic NPC sprites
  • New difficulty setting
    • New difficulty setting added: Nightmare. Compared to Hard, monsters not only move, fire and cast faster, they also do more than triple their normal damage
    • On Easy and Normal difficulty, Quartz Flasks and Mystic Urns are now automatically used if the player gets too low on health
  • New RPG features
    • Hunger: with time passing, your character’s belly starts to rumble. Find some food before he becomes so hungry that it has negative effects on his learning capabilities
    • Fatigue: physical exertions now tire out your hero. Find a room in an inn to sleep it off before he becomes so tired his movements become too sluggish to survive long in the wild
    • Further extending the difference between RPG complexity settings, e.g.
      • Hunger and Fatigue don’t accumulate when complexity is set to Off
      • On Old school RPG complexity, the player receives ability points instead of direct increases to a specific attribute
      • Experience gains are difficulty dependent on Old School complexity
      • In some cases, the types of monsters you encounter in a dungeon depend on the RPG complexity setting
  • New items
    • Six different potions to permanently increase ability scores (CHA, CON, DEX, INT, STR, WIS)
    • Scroll of Recall to teleport back to a mage tower from anywhere in the world
    • Boots of Stealth make the player more difficult to spot
  • Monster changes
    • New monster: Specter. While at first look it seems to be merely a larger and tougher Reiver, it can cast Terror, causing the hero to cower in fear, covering his eyes and throwing down his weapon
    • The Heresiarch and Exarch now occasionally cast Mana Burn on the player (during Mana Burn, using weapons or spells hurts the player)
    • There is now a special tuned-down version of the Heresiarch for Easy difficulty that doesn’t cast Mana Burn and has significantly less health
    • The Ghost’s Confusion spell is now less annoying (it doesn’t play with your inventory or spellstrip)
    • More monsters now drop a wider variety of items
  • Miscellaneous
    • Wisdom and Charisma have been reshuffled: it is now Wisdom that decreases the amount of mana needed to fire a weapon or cast a spell; Charisma now increases both the size of the Battle Rage/Faith/Magic pool and its regeneration speed
    • Offensive spells are now simply called “spells”
    • Auxiliary spells are now called differently depending on class: martial skills (fighter), prayers (cleric), cantrips (mage)
    • Status bar improvements: it now shows more information in a cleaner way
    • Berserking visual changed to a red haze
  • Bugfixes
    • Includes all fixes for weapons and spells from the 1.5.1 patch, as well as extending them further: now all weapons should scale with Strength/Dexterity and all spells with Intelligence
    • The mage’s Speed cantrip now actually does speed up the player
    • Fixed the bug that hitting ESC on the travel map during a y/n question made the game stuck
    • When exiting a location to the travel map and then returning immediately, now the right music is playing
    • Also fixed a large number of smaller bugs, mostly those reported in the Bug Tracker