Scattered Evil 1.6.1 Patch

This is a minor bugfix release that is 100% compatible with existing 1.6 savegames. Get it from SourceForge or ModDB.

Bugs fixed:

  • Krater of Might not giving red mana
  • Travel by boat missing sky texture
  • Size of Librarian Stryker in Thystes
  • Arsenal and Spellbook displaying the same information more than once
  • Conversation with Sir Billiam in Nolcormu crashing the game
  • Mana cubes dropped by monsters giving 1 mana instead of 15

New features:

  • Setup utility for Windows to set game resolution and specify IWAD location

Scattered Evil 1.6 released

Scattered Evil 1.6 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

  • New weapons and spells
    • The fighter now has the same amount of offensive options as the other classes, thanks to a new melee weapon (Axe of the Depths) and three new spells (Chilling Touch, Molten Metal, Judgment)
    • The mage’s Thunderstaff now generates blue mana on a successful melee attack
    • The cleric’s melee weapons now heal him whenever he damages an enemy
    • Diminishing returns now ensure that your character’s powers don’t grow into the ridiculous
  • NPC visual improvements
    • All important NPCs of Charybdea now have their own unique high resolution sprite
    • The resolution of NPC conversation portraits has been quadrupled
    • Improved the quality of some of the generic NPC sprites
  • New difficulty setting
    • New difficulty setting added: Nightmare. Compared to Hard, monsters not only move, fire and cast faster, they also do more than triple their normal damage
    • On Easy and Normal difficulty, Quartz Flasks and Mystic Urns are now automatically used if the player gets too low on health
  • New RPG features
    • Hunger: with time passing, your character’s belly starts to rumble. Find some food before he becomes so hungry that it has negative effects on his learning capabilities
    • Fatigue: physical exertions now tire out your hero. Find a room in an inn to sleep it off before he becomes so tired his movements become too sluggish to survive long in the wild
    • Further extending the difference between RPG complexity settings, e.g.
      • Hunger and Fatigue don’t accumulate when complexity is set to Off
      • On Old school RPG complexity, the player receives ability points instead of direct increases to a specific attribute
      • Experience gains are difficulty dependent on Old School complexity
      • In some cases, the types of monsters you encounter in a dungeon depend on the RPG complexity setting
  • New items
    • Six different potions to permanently increase ability scores (CHA, CON, DEX, INT, STR, WIS)
    • Scroll of Recall to teleport back to a mage tower from anywhere in the world
    • Boots of Stealth make the player more difficult to spot
  • Monster changes
    • New monster: Specter. While at first look it seems to be merely a larger and tougher Reiver, it can cast Terror, causing the hero to cower in fear, covering his eyes and throwing down his weapon
    • The Heresiarch and Exarch now occasionally cast Mana Burn on the player (during Mana Burn, using weapons or spells hurts the player)
    • There is now a special tuned-down version of the Heresiarch for Easy difficulty that doesn’t cast Mana Burn and has significantly less health
    • The Ghost’s Confusion spell is now less annoying (it doesn’t play with your inventory or spellstrip)
    • More monsters now drop a wider variety of items
  • Miscellaneous
    • Wisdom and Charisma have been reshuffled: it is now Wisdom that decreases the amount of mana needed to fire a weapon or cast a spell; Charisma now increases both the size of the Battle Rage/Faith/Magic pool and its regeneration speed
    • Offensive spells are now simply called “spells”
    • Auxiliary spells are now called differently depending on class: martial skills (fighter), prayers (cleric), cantrips (mage)
    • Status bar improvements: it now shows more information in a cleaner way
    • Berserking visual changed to a red haze
  • Bugfixes
    • Includes all fixes for weapons and spells from the 1.5.1 patch, as well as extending them further: now all weapons should scale with Strength/Dexterity and all spells with Intelligence
    • The mage’s Speed cantrip now actually does speed up the player
    • Fixed the bug that hitting ESC on the travel map during a y/n question made the game stuck
    • When exiting a location to the travel map and then returning immediately, now the right music is playing
    • Also fixed a large number of smaller bugs, mostly those reported in the Bug Tracker

Scattered Evil 1.5.1 Patch

This is a minor bugfix release that is 100% compatible with existing 1.5 savegames. Get it from SourceForge or ModDB.


All Classes

  • Charisma now doesn’t reduce the mana cost below 1 mana/shot or cast
  • Weapons and offensive spells now don’t say “no mana” if the player has enough mana to shoot/cast (but less mana than the weapon’s base mana cost)


  • Sapphire Wand
    • Damage now scales with Dexterity instead of Intelligence
    • Uses mana once again
  • Ruby Wand
    • Damage now scales with Dexterity instead of Intelligence
    • Uses mana once again
  • Bloodscourge
    • Damage now scales with Dexterity instead of Intelligence
  • Fireball
    • Damage greatly increased
    • Uses mana once again
  • Armageddon
    • Projectiles are once again green
    • Uses mana once again


  • Morning Star
    • Can’t be used any more if the player doesn’t have enough mana
  • Serpent Staff
    • Damage now scales with Dexterity instead of Intelligence
    • Melee life drain function now restores health up to the player’s maximum health
  • Evening Star
    • Can’t be used any more if the player doesn’t have enough mana


  • Quietus
    • Weapon can’t be used any more if the player doesn’t have enough mana
  • Berserk
    • Now needs a minimum of 5 rage to cast
    • Now uses a maximum of 50 rage when cast
    • Duration is 5 secs + 0.2 secs per rage point spent, making duration min. 6 secs and max. 15 secs