Roll the dice

Below a screenshot of step 6 of 7 from the new character creation process.

The new process asks you first to choose your RPG complexity, then your ethical and then your moral alignment. Each of these steps has three different choices. After that, the player picks a class and a difficulty setting.

A couple of examples how this plays out in-game:

  • A chaotic evil character playing at the highest RPG complexity will be unable to enter any buildings of the other two orders, missing out on a number of quests, including some that would let him acquire a new weapon or spell (basically an ultra-hardcore mode).
  • Unless playing at the simplest RPG complexity setting, prices in shops (both buying and selling) scale with difficulty (as in you pay more for the same item on a harder skill than on an easier one). The higher the complexity setting, the more often a merchant runs out of stock (so you can’t buy more of that item) or storage space (you can’t sell more of that item).

Scattered Evil 1.4 released

Scattered Evil 1.4 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

New features and bugfixes:

  • New sounds:
    • The lonely male voice actor with the half dozen soundbites got some major help with 20 additional voice actors and hundreds of new soundbites. Now not every guy in Charybdea sounds the same.
    • New music tracks, including the remix of a Raven original and more variety for the travel map.
  • New maps:
    • This release removes all old third party dungeon maps. New features include walking on tightropes, moving objects in 3 dimensions to solve puzzles and exotic environments including floating rocks and really big statues.
    • All-new dungeons:
      • Donas Monument
      • Iarmusc Dungeons
      • Lernal Cave
      • The Excavation
      • Thryas Reservoir
      • Yerdel Cave
  • Visual improvements:
    • A few important NPCs now have custom sprites. This also allowed us to further “zoom in” on their faces during a conversation.
    • The quality of a number of commonly used textures has been improved.
    • New glass effect allowing for more realistic mirrors and vitrines.
  • Gameplay improvements:
    • The travel map now only uses the four primary directions so there is no more need to try and press two arrow keys at the same time.
    • The full screen HUD now shows the most relevant information neatly grouped into a corner of the screen.
  • Other changes:
    • Extensive attribution list included. Let us know if there is anything missing or in need of correction.
    • Fixed a number of reported bugs.
    • Added default bindings for pausing the game (F5) and zooming in/out (Z).