Music support in Vavoom.

Last few days I’ve been working on music support in Vavoom. I created proper MIDI and CD audio driver classes. This should allow having music when using OpenAL sound driver. In Windows version I’m going to change DirectMusic (which usually uses software synthesiser) to mmsystem (which uses MIDI support of sound card). The next step should be implementing support for streaming music. This will mean support for MP3, OGG and some other formats (and that ugly hack with fmod will go away). For a little laygh, while going through code if DOS CD driver I came across of one of the ossible errors a CD drive can give: “Printer out of paper: world coming to an end”,/* I mean really, on a CD? */

My Vacations Ending :(

Unfortunately, today it’s my last vacations day 🙁 , I have been working hard with Korax Arena during the vacations, hoping to make a release, but well, there are some other things that need to be completed before a complete release, I have been working in a good way to make the bots spawn automatically in the maps, also, I have been fixing a lot of stuff regarding the bots aiming code (it was a bit messy and some of the weapons weren’t being covered), let’s hope things can be completed in short time to make a complete release ASAP, that’s it for now, see ya soon! 🙂 .

More Korax Arena development

Hi there! I have been tweaking the leveling up system, and updating the team mates code for the bots, I might also set up a map for testing a new gameplay mode, I’ll give more details of this later, that’s it for now! See ya! 🙂

Korax Arena development

Hi there! I have been coding the bots to chase for monsters and follow path nodes, it has been coming out really well, there are some remaining modifications for the leveling system and other small problems to fix, but this is going to be the best KA release so far! Stay tuned for more updates. I still have a last vacations week to keep working full time on it, let’s hope I can fix it all before it ends 🙂 .

KA bots testing

Right now I’m testing the latest bot code in KA, it’s coming along nicely.