Korax Arena Updates

I have been working a lot on adding more stuff for the Korax Arena code, I have managed to make scores for Team DM and Castle Sweep modes, which work just fine, also, I added invulnerability when respawning in DM modes, the bots have a really fair behaviour against monsters and players now too, there are some other things I would like to add before releasing the next internal beta test, like a score board for every gameplay mode, that’s all for now.

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3 years at Korax’ Heritage

Today it’s another anniversary from my entrance to the Korax’ Heritage team, these 3 years have been full of work and cool things and surprises, when I started at the team, the only thing I worked was 2d art, but then at some point I realized that I wanted to help with something else, like mapping, then I decided to start making some map conversions where the base engine was changed from Doomsday to Vavoom, then I started learning programming and decided to code for Korax Arena, which has really been the only work I have made during this last year (with some more mapping here and there), and I think that KA it’s one of the most ambitious projects I have seen around for Hexen or Heretic, it really takes the engine to more than it’s limits and brings a lot of cool features to play with, I’m really anxious to work on it to make our first official release and we are testing all the problems that it might have to give you a flawless version of it 🙂 , once I finish doing this fixings to the code, I might get to work on another Castle Sweep map, that’s it for now, see ya soon!! 😉 .

Castle Sweep

I just started the internal testing on Korax Arena version 0.6 (yes, this is the 4th release since the last public beta test) and the new game mode called Castle Sweep, it’s a bit like a classic cooperative game in Heretic or Hexen, in that you have a big map chock full of monsters and you have to kill them all, but you don’t have to do it alone, because it supports the full number of players other game modes (like deathmatch) do, i.e. you can play it with a couple of friends over LAN or spawn a bunch of bots to help you out. It’s quite a fun thing, wading into the horde of gargoyles, centaurs and chaos serpents with a machine gun, with a sword-swinging fighter on your left and a crossbow-shooting elf on your right. 😉

Music support in Vavoom.

Last few days I’ve been working on music support in Vavoom. I created proper MIDI and CD audio driver classes. This should allow having music when using OpenAL sound driver. In Windows version I’m going to change DirectMusic (which usually uses software synthesiser) to mmsystem (which uses MIDI support of sound card). The next step should be implementing support for streaming music. This will mean support for MP3, OGG and some other formats (and that ugly hack with fmod will go away). For a little laygh, while going through code if DOS CD driver I came across of one of the ossible errors a CD drive can give: “Printer out of paper: world coming to an end”,/* I mean really, on a CD? */

My Vacations Ending :(

Unfortunately, today it’s my last vacations day 🙁 , I have been working hard with Korax Arena during the vacations, hoping to make a release, but well, there are some other things that need to be completed before a complete release, I have been working in a good way to make the bots spawn automatically in the maps, also, I have been fixing a lot of stuff regarding the bots aiming code (it was a bit messy and some of the weapons weren’t being covered), let’s hope things can be completed in short time to make a complete release ASAP, that’s it for now, see ya soon! 🙂 .