New horrible weapon for RPG Trilogy

I invented a new weapon for RPG Trilogy, most probably suitable for some boss creature. Weapon is a spell that summons number of spikes in front of caster and raises them. Each spike’s position and delay before spike raise are choosen randomly from a predefined range, and this makes weapon more effective and spectacular. But what is more important – is the fact that a spike, as you may remember from time playing original Hexen, does ultimate damage killing any creature instantly. Now imagine overall power of this weapon…

Here are some shots taken while testing this weapon (I used Cleric’s Firestorm slot for the test).

spikes000 spikes001

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Scoreboards Improved!!

This happened since saturday when I’ve got a mail from Crimson Wizard, it said that the new scoreboards were ready, frankly I didn’t imagined them like these, I’m surprised to watch the screenshots, Crimson Wizard has also implemented death messages for every weapon/monsters already included and we are already planning a totally new single player mode for KA like nothing you have already seen, we’ll give more details of what’s to come in the next days and maybe even a small overview at which gameplay modes KA will get on it’s first release, enjoy the screens!!

scores3 scores4

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The hard work of Crimson Wizard has given us an advantage in a moment where I’m unable to work at full pace, I recently found a new job, and it’s taking most of my time for working on Korax Arena, fortunately Crimson Wizard came to save us, he has been working on implementing scoreboards, and has done a cool work doing it! I’m very impressed with his work and I think he will be a very good addition for our team, and just to prove I’m not wrong, I’ll post a few screens of the new socreboard in action, it might not be the final version, since we have planned some changes to it, but it’s a very good show of what’s to come for the final KA version, so prepare! The wait could be almost over, a new release might be soon than what we all expect, that’s it fow now, see you again soon!

scores1 scores2

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Korax’ Heritage Blogs Theme!

Now featuring, the all new Korax’ Heritage Theme for the blog, done by me using the default template and changing the CSS styles for some stuff, hope you like it 😀 , it took me some time to complete, but I think it was worth my time and effort, hope you all like it!

In other news, I’m now in the process of revamping the maps for KA, my main approach with this is to add the new powerups, the path nodes for the bots, and make some additions to the architecture where applicable, if everything goes well, the could be a KA release very soon.

That’s it for now, see ya again!

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Korax Arena trailer

Just finished and uploaded the 2nd Korax Arena trailer. I like to think that it’s showing definite progress, not only the game but also the movie. This time I’ve had about 30 minutes of raw material recorded before I started editing, and since we agreed with 4th Class (our musician) on which song should be played during the trailer, I went a different way than last time and cut the clips and titles to match the music. I rather like the results, feel free to leave your comments on what you think.

For those who are interested in techie info, I recorded the game with Fraps and encoded it with DivX so that it can be read on other computers. Then I transferred the resulting about 1 GB of files to my Mac where I imported the clips into iMovie HD, this took forever (more than an hour). The resulting project was about 7 GB. Editing and previewing was all real-time, I did the whole cutting and editing in maybe 1-2 hours. Encoding took pretty long, about 20-30 minutes for the highres and 5-10 minutes for the lowres version. This is mostly due to the relatively slow CPU (1.25 GHz G4), but since the parts of the project with my interaction (cutting/arranging/editing) always worked with little to no delays, I don’t complain. Especially if you look at the older Korax’ Heritage trailers from 2001-2003 and see the immense differences in quality and possibilities, that’s what a PC is good for no matter how fast the CPU – unless you buy a $5’000+ video editing application and a similarly priced high-end PC of course… this in extreme contrast to the Mac mini which costs $499 retail and includes iMovie HD which while a consumer app beats the hell out of most so-called “pro” applications on Windows.