Video: SE 1.3 Preview Part II

This video shows off more of the architecture and technology in all-new or greatly enhanced maps coming in the next release, including 3D switches, advanced shadows & lighting as well as a complex system that requires opening various water tanks to raise the water level in the basin, making it overflow to open up a new area. Available now on YouTube.

Lights and Shadows

Work in progress: Nisisil Catacombs (now an integral part of the hub flow). This map is an experiment in using no sector lighting at all. Anything other than pitch dark is created by dynamic light sources.

Work in progress: Nisisil Cloister (replaces Crucible as the end boss map).

I’ve also been trying some ideas to make columns destructible and/or the roof to collapse, if I get it right I’ll make another video showcasing it.

Video: SE 1.3 Preview

This video shows off some of the architecture and technology in all-new or greatly enhanced maps coming in the next release. Manipulate gears to raise a portcullis, smash through weakened metal bars or transparent windows, explore the insides of a gigantic statue and more! Available now on YouTube.

The Citadel

One of the weaknesses of Scattered Evil has been its reliance on old third party maps for most of its dungeon locations. The goal is to replace them with all-new architecture, designed with Vavoom’s 3D capabilities in mind.

My current focus is on Hedyntin Citadel. Below a few screenshots that don’t really do the place right. I’ll post a short video towards the weekend, showing off live how you manipulate gears and pulleys to raise the portcullis or smash through some bars with such force that they bend and break.

SE Progress Update

While Firebrand is looking into the reported bugs, I’ve spent some time on the dungeon maps in the Eastern desert hub. Depending on when 1.3 comes out, it’ll include replacements for some or all of the current maps in that corner of the world. And yes, you can get inside the Sphinx – those eye slits are actually windows.