New Scattered Evil Trailer

This year’s SE trailer is now available on YouTube in Full HD, showing off the major strides during 2020 towards a full 3D game. Oh and this year is also Hexen’s 25th, Vavoom‘s 20th and Korax’ Heritage’s 20th birthday.

Scattered Evil 2.0 released

Scattered Evil 2.0 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.

Monster Models

  • Fully animated models for the Ettin and Chaos Serpent families, including damage skin variants and special overkill animations. Besides the move from 2D to 3D, many models feature additional visual changes compared to their previous sprite iterations (see the list below).
  • Ettin Slingers use slingshots and chuck stones.
  • Ettin Grenadiers brandish flechettes.
  • Ettin Commanders carry a hammer.
  • Ettin Warlords gave up their helmets and replaced most of their armor with pure gold pieces. As a warlord, you gotta show off your bling or how will your underlings know you da boss?
  • All Chaos Serpents now have a standard death animation (falling down) and an overkill animation (bloody bits flying everywhere).
  • Magma Serpents are now huge and their skin is infused with molten lava that only stops glowing upon death.
  • Frost Serpents are a new blue subspecies that like the cold and have displaced Wendigos in the icy reaches of Charybdea.
  • Flayed Serpents were first conceived in a sadistic wizard’s twisted mind, who wondered what would happen if you took some young Chaos Serpents and removed their skin. They live in constant pain that only abates at those moments when they bite into the flesh of some unsuspecting adventurer to drink their blood.

NPC Models

  • All animated NPC sprites have been replaced with animated models.
  • All female NPC sprites have been replaced with models.
  • Most non-unique male NPC sprites have been replaced with models. Some of them even learned how to sit on furniture.
  • Chickens, pigs and piglets now have unique animated models.

City Updates

  • The city of Ocadia has been rebuilt from scratch, leaving only some of the most iconic buildings more or less intact. Besides a more up-to-date look, it should also greatly improve frame rates.
  • Annoyed by all the construction noise, the market stalls from Ocadia moved to Sichabroner. The joke is on them though, as that cityscape underwent some changes over the summer, too.
  • All good things come in threes, so the city of Thystes got a facelift as well.

Gameplay Changes

  • Whether health artifacts (Quartz Flask, Mystic Urn) are used automatically is now controlled through a setting in the Options menu, independent of the difficulty setting.
  • While in the berserk state, now you can open the Journal (ends berserking) and the Map Scroll (suspends berserking, resumes after closing the scroll).
  • Items that can be picked up now always glow, items that can’t be picked up don’t glow. Most of them also rotate in addition to float bob.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Built on the concurrently released Vavoom 1.34, the GNU/Linux binaries are now 64-bit (Windows 64-bit binaries will follow in a subsequent release).
  • Removed a number of unused textures and compressed all non-transparent textures to optimize memory usage.
  • Adopted the bugfixes present in KMOD 5.0 but not in Scattered Evil 1.9 (fighter levelup bug, load/save screens display issue).
  • You can now initiate a conversation with domesticated animals.
  • You can now punch most fences and furniture.
  • When looking into a mirror, the player now sees an idealized version of himself.

Korax Mod: MageSlayer Edition

Inspired by Hexen creator Raven Software’s top-down action game MageSlayer, today we are introducing Korax Mod: MageSlayer Edition.

The new top-down view. Notice how the 2D decorations are in a 3D space!
Zoom mode. Now you can see the monsters!
Shooting at a monster (and maybe even hitting it?)

Korax Mod is back!

Korax Mod 5.0 is available for download from SourceForge and ModDB.

Released in June 2001, Korax Mod 1.0 was the first ever Hexen gameplay mod. Throughout the next few months and years, it introduced a slew of new RPG features: experience and leveling, customizing your character during creation, new weapons and spells, monsters dropping silver and gold bars, buying and selling items at shops, special “damage skin” sprite sets to make it clearly visible a monster is badly hurt…

Today, the same team is raising the bar once more with the release of Korax Mod 5:

  • Introducing an RPG complexity setting that allows the player to mold the game to his personal playstyle, from a complex RPG system to a near-FPS setup that feels a lot more like Heretic’s fast-paced gameplay than the classic Hexen shuffle.
  • Shortcuts: breaking up the linear monotony and the frustration of the tedious search for the last hidden puzzle switch – now you need to solve less than half of a hub’s puzzles to be able to proceed to the next hub (but you might want to linger for the experience and loot).
  • “Pistol Starts”: built-in support for warping to the beginning of any hub and receiving weapons and armor automatically so you have an actual chance of beating the game from that point without using any cheats.
  • Vastly expanded bestiary: not only are there a few completely new enemies and many new types of existing monsters, even the “classic” ones might surprise you by dodging your attacks, running away when low on health, closing large distances with a single leap, and generally finding ways to move around the map and reappear behind your back.
  • Defeating Korax wasn’t a solo effort: embark upon this epic adventure with a supporting cast of merchants and craftsmen, as well as two sidekicks that will race you to kill the most monsters in the area they stake out.
  • A large arsenal of new weapons and spells; custom armor with resistance gems.
  • Designed to support custom maps and mods out of the box: create your own mini-RPG using a large number of new items, weapons and spells, as well as NPCs with pre-configured conversation scripts offering all basic services. Korax Mod is distributed with a Developer’s Reference Guide containing detailed instructions on how to create and distribute your maps and mods.