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Vavoom bugfix proposals

Wed, 14 Apr 2004 20:19:30


Vavoom Ver 1.15_2: In msvc/libglbsp/libgldsp.dsp The following lines are missing:
SOURCE=..\..\utils\glbsp\analyze.c # ADD CPP /W3 /D "GLBSP_PLUGIN" # End Source File # Begin Source File
In source/sv_main.cpp Move:
From Line 2640 to Line 2638 (Before the Spawn command) Takes care of bots always spawning as fighters first time In source/s_win32.cpp adding a new static long variable named prev_sndvol adding following line near lin 224:
and adding following line in VDefaultSoiundDevice::Shutdown(void) before DSound->Release();
Fixes the problem with the Windows soundvolume always changed by vavoom In source/in_input.cpp Adding following line on Line 148:
In source/input.h Adding following line on Line 118:
In source/in_win32.cpp Adding a new static int variable named old_mouse_z. Adding following Lines under Line 686:
int mouse_z; mouse_z = MouseState.lZ; if (mouse_z != old_mouse_z) { IN_KeyEvent(K_MOUSEWHEEL, old_mouse_z>mouse_z); }
This adds MouseWheel support under Win32
Fri, 16 Apr 2004 06:43:44


Implemented them all.

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