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User names / accounts

Thu, 01 Aug 2002 20:58:27


Well it seems the move/conversion succeeded... I decided not to delete any user accounts so everybody who registered on the RavenGames forums before August 2002 now has an account on the Korax forums as well. One thing couldn't be converted though, UBB used a double system for user names, there was a hidden one the system used and a publicly displayed one. In PHPBB both are the same, so if your user name wasn't the same as the displayed one back on the RavenGames forums, now you are in trouble. If this is the case, just mail me your user name and the name you want to have displayed and I'll change it in the MySQL dbase directly by hand. For a kind of security, you should send such a request from the e-mail addy that's in your user profile.

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