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Taskfreak KA

Fri, 09 Mar 2012 13:06:10


Following tasks are currently still open in Taskfreak (which I am also going to remove soon, to reduce the number of software to manage on the website). Feel free to comment or upgrade tasks. Use [color=gray:nm8p8nc2]gray[/color:nm8p8nc2] to distinguish completed (or abandoned) tasks. Firebrand [list:nm8p8nc2][*:nm8p8nc2]Finish configuration files for DB2, 80%[/*:m:nm8p8nc2] [*:nm8p8nc2]Finish and add remaining maps I've done, 60%[/*:m:nm8p8nc2] [*:nm8p8nc2]Draw and test/import new images for logo, 0%[/*:m:nm8p8nc2] [*:nm8p8nc2]Implement bug fixes for errors posted on the forum, 0%[/*:m:nm8p8nc2][/list:u:nm8p8nc2] Crimson Wizard [list:nm8p8nc2][*:nm8p8nc2]Advanced Bot AI , 20%[/*:m:nm8p8nc2][/list:u:nm8p8nc2]

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