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SE/KMOD 3 alpha maps pack review

Mon, 29 Dec 2003 01:39:07


Ok, I've been trying some of the maps in the zip file located in Koraxdev (inside the SE directory, I think), and here are some interesting things I noticed in some of them: - The Castle map deserves a check. It has a very nice and balanced architecture, great care o the details, like real rooms with bed, windows, shelves, etc... The whole map is very enjoyable, and there are some good tips on how to make small, nice maps in it. - The HEXQUAKE series are wonderful in scipting actions, and even though they are veru buggy (I couldn't finish any of the maps because they crash somewhere everytime), they have nice architecture and specially good scripted actions. In HEXQUAKE 3 is specially cool with that outdoor castle, and it has two very nice features in it: First, there's a place on the map that has two wodden blocks that, when used, open up - they are chests, and this works very fine in the game. This can and should be used as regular chests placed around KMOD 3 own maps. Please take a look at those... The way he made the chests work seemed a simple script sequence, and worked like a charm. Second, it has a very nice day/night effect in this outdoor area, that will progressively become darker and darker as the time goes by. I know it already is coded, but the script code he used could be useful for particular effects. Please take a look at this too. I will post more as I discover interesting things.
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 01:47:11


Hey Mago! I think that this kind of details are the ones that make good maps, you got a great idea to check the maps that are there, I have played some of them and they are nice, but I never thought on doing this, heh! keep up those small details and I think that we will have some cool maps for SE

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