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New way for reporting bugs/requesting features.

Tue, 07 Jun 2005 18:25:21


Right well I'm posting this here seem as it's about all of our projects, I've just set up the trackers on our SourceForge account so that they are actually of some form of use. Ok first off, for reporting bugs go here [url:2hefpbvq] and enter a full and detailed description we'll hopefully get onto it quickly and sort it out. Next for feature requests go here [url:2hefpbvq] and tell us what you want, being as detailed as you can be, we'll talk about it and either accept it or reject it, with rejection we'll probably also give a good reason. You can still use the forums aswell but we would like it very much if you'd also use the SourceForge trackers, as it helps us to keep track of what needs doing.

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