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New stuff uploaded to /koraxdev

Mon, 30 Jul 2001 04:00:00


most importantly, the 3D models, in 3 different ZIP files, one for the models that can be used in their current form (though some might need a new skin first), those that can't be used for our project (but you can get inspiration from them so I didn't just delete the stuff, especially for Kendrome it might be interesting, it even contains some Hexen II monsters with all animation phases), and the 3rd is the ZIP file with models created by Camper and Kendrome, mostly some basic roof models and the Serpent Staff. Also, uploaded some Betrayal in Antara screenshots into /inspiration. Take a look at those shops and imagine such a one in 3D where you can walk around the shop and look at all the little trinkets! That's one of the things I'd like to have in Korax' Heritage (it depends 90% on our modelers).

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