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New korax theory

Fri, 12 Nov 2010 13:05:40

Sir Billiam IV

I know it seems like raven changed their minds at the last minute with changing the original final boss into a regular hub-boss, but what if this is what they intended all along? Sure, you kill the Heresiarch (or should I say Korax) twice, but remember he gave the kings of the world unlife, making them "deathkings" able to rise again after death. So if Korax can grant them this power, it wouldn't be unsensible he also has this power himself. So after you killed him in Heresiarch's seminary, he revived himself to fight again in the gibbet, and then a couple more times in the deathkings extension, until his soul got captured by Praevus and he couldn't revive himself anymore. And those ghosts that came out of his pet's body? Still the souls of Zedek and co. Korax fed their souls to his pet like Maat feeds hearts to her dog-crocodile thingy. It makes perfect sense! And I congratulate myself for making a fourth account <!-- sorcbisoux --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/orcbisoux.gif" alt="orcbisoux" title="orcbisoux" /><!-- sorcbisoux -->

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