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Maps and more

Wed, 28 Aug 2002 20:12:43


Just finished evaluating somewhat over a 100 Hexen maps. I found about 25 that's pretty much useable the way it is now, and another dozen that might be used partially. Also made myself notes on each map so that I don't have to start them up to remember what they looked like. Now it's time to check the Heretic maps... Janis, how complicated is your converter to use? If not really, you could shove it my way, else I'll just upload the maps that are allowed to be recycled by their authors to koraxdev. The next step once this is done (might easily take another couple of weeks though) will be to look through my notes again and start designing the hubs and the world and put each map into its place and design a rough draft of the game flow. Once that's set as well, the base storyline can be written. If by this time the program code is advanced enough, we could make an alpha testing with select people. Janis, could you make me a list of the things you're currently working at, and things you plan to code in the near future? It'd be easier for me to make you a supplementary list of requested features then. p.s. about KMOD 2.22, I think it'd make more sense to make a real new release once we have the damage skins and similar... depending several factors, it could be released months before SE, thus bridging the gap between KMOD22 and SE somewhat.
Fri, 30 Aug 2002 17:28:45


I just uploaded that converter I used, see in scatteredevil folder. It's quite simple to use, but it has some bugs, and some things may not convert as they should. There's still a lots of stuff to be done with user interface and conversation system, so I will concentrate on them. I'm also doing a lots of work on Vavoom. KMOD - if you really want it, it's not a problem.

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