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Korax Arena gameplay modes

Mon, 09 Jul 2001 18:26:00


Critter Hunt Two foes are out there to hunt down their monsters. Half of the monsters is red, the other half blue. The blue player has to kill all blue monsters before the red player kills all red monsters. You can kill the monsters of the other player, but by doing this you help him and not yourself (OTOH you might have to do that just to stay alive). If the other player has no more monsters standing, you lose. If you die while hunting, you lose (the monsters fight normally and attack every player in sight). It might also be playable with more parties, like 4 players hunting the own herd, in that case there would be a 1st, a 2nd and a 3rd rank (and an ultimate loser, LOL). Summon Contest Two mages in 2 safe alcoves sit on the opposing sides of the arena and summon monsters upon the sand of the arena. The moment one of the mages has no monster left standing, he loses. You can summon monsters only as long as you've got enough SP to speak the spell. As your monsters kill, you get experience points and go up to higher levels. On higher levels, you've got more SP and access to spells summoning greater monsters. Also, you can possess any of your monsters with a spell and so can take direct action in the fight. And as a last option, you can teleport into the arena and fight yourself - but if you die as a mage, you lose. Kill the Heresiarch Actually, this is not an all-new one. In Outlaws, there was the mode where one of the players had the chicken and had to stay alive with it, all other players were out to get him. If you killed the guy with the chicken, you got the chicken. A more advanced version of this mod is Xenotage, programmed for Elite Force. This time instead of carrying a chicken you're an alien species and are stronger and faster than regular players. If you kill the alien, you become him. Only as alien can you score points. Our version would be that all players are out to kill the player who's a Heresiarch. The Heresiarch has mighty weapons, mighty spells and tons of health. He scores for every player he kills. If a player kills him, becomes the Heresiarch and the others are out to get him. Comments... [ July 09, 2001: Message edited by: RambOrc ]
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 08:27:00

Tzar Sectus

MonsterMatch Before each respawn a player chooses what monster he'll control in the match. Each monster are rated with a ratio system to balance it out (for instance a low ratio creature like the Ettin gets more points for killing a high ratio monster like the Reiver, and for the Reiver it's the other way around). --------------------- Another idea would be a varation of the Kill the Heresiarch idea, instead of one player being the Heresiarch he would be the pig, now that would be a mighty challenge. -Remi

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