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Thu, 02 Mar 2006 01:16:46


Hi. I'm new. I have three questions. #1. Are there any cheat codes to make your level more advanced? Or just are there more codes than the ones posted on the site? #2. Why is the darkmere swamp all white? I can't see a thing! Can I fix this? #3. Is there a red chaos serpent in the Kmod (I saw the screenshot and the serpent was in the seven portals hub)? <!-- s:D --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy" /><!-- s:D -->
Thu, 02 Mar 2006 09:24:07


1) It'd break the gameplay. 2) What 3D card do you use? 3) No, they'll be in the Korax' Heritage RPG (which will also include the Seven Portals).
Thu, 02 Mar 2006 19:38:09


I've only seen stuff appear white on PowerVR cards when there's too much textures to load into memory, so try lowering your texture detail.

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