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Ideas from DemonSlayer

Sun, 28 Dec 2003 20:06:20


I got an e-mail from somone called DemonSlayer, seem as I'm not sure if you were all sent the e-mail I'm going to post what he said for discusion.
I had a few ideas for weapons... I didn't want to create a new profile on the forums to post them, and i wasn't sure who to go to... but. My first idea was a mix between the red wand and the bloodscourge... A swarm of relatively weak projectiles, homing in on monsters. This could look really awesome, if the projectiles would leave a trail of smaller particles. My second idea, was for a nova-like (Think Diablo 2) explosion of frost shards, combined with the repulsion spell.... As a sort of upgraded repulsion disc thing? My third idea, is for you to render a morning star and every frame of animation in 3D, and then retouch it by drawing on the rendered frames to get as hexen-y a feel as possible. Imagine swinging it over your head by holding the mouse button to increase the strength of the impact up to a certain percentage of the original damage. Sounds pretty cool to me. My fourth idea, is for a shield button... So that if one was carrying a shield, it would be possible to block attacks partially or fully (imagine a sort of "Block" skill increasing the chance of a full block, and decreasing the damage percentage taken on a failed one). However, while holding the shield key one shouldn't be able to attack, as this would be rediculous. But i believe a shield would increase the fun of the gameplay greatly - as monsters attack at certain intervals, one could block an enemy attack, then deliver a blow or two, and block the enemy's attack again, just before he hits you. My last idea, was for a sort of revenge spell for the cleric, that - in a period of time - drains him of mana, and gives him a glowing aura of some kind. If a monster was to attack him during that short period of time, the damage dealt (More, less or even, depending on his level) to the cleric, would ALSO be dealt to the monster.
Mon, 29 Dec 2003 04:57:21

The 4th Class

No, I didn't get this e-mail, but I do like some of his ideas. The shield seems like a cool idea, supposing they take in damage from the enemy, but then would gradually break and become useless. I'd have to say this idea was my favourite out of all of them.

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