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ideas for a redux Hexen

Fri, 18 May 2012 00:55:36

Sir Billiam IV

If you were to get involved in a deluxe remake of Hexen, what would you add? Here are some of my ideas: Weapon 1 temporary upgrades: These are items that have the limited time use of making the first weapon pack some more oomph. They wear out from repeated use. Barb wire - The fighter coils this around his gauntlets, jabbing deadly barbs into enemies as he punches them. As barbs get stuck to creatures, they will constantly bleed the host to death. This item disappears when all the barbs are used up. Steep venom - When dipped in this, the mace of contrition has poison tipped spikes that do residual poison damage to foes when he strikes them. It's gone when the poison is all leaked out. Power geode - It's the red wand crystal from KRPG. Blows up eventually. New weapons: There will be red and yellow mana, with 2 weapons that use one of those mana types and one that uses both red and yellow. Fighter - Morning star, a pike, some final weapon Cleric - Ice flail, a crossbow, the sunstaff Mage - ???? Return of the Tome of Power: Power up those weapons! New levels: HUB 1 Guardian of Water Guardian of Earth Guardian of Air *Secret* Guardian of Lightning HUB 2 Tundra of Pain Cove of Suffering Mount Misery *Secret* Cenote HUB 3 Monastery of Beasts (Another map to act as a hub map for the chapel levels, instead of all three portals being in the same place) Kappa Chapel Tengu Chapel Snow Woman Chapel *secret* Medusa Chapel HUB 4 This one's hard, because it doesn't follow the formula of three themed levels like the other hubs do. I guess castle themed maps are most fitting, like a tower, an armory, a bastion, and stuff like that. HUB 5 Here are three levels that serve as the main bases of each of the three orders of Cronos. They're all converted, the fighters/clerics/mages within have less than the strongest weapons, and are weaker than their leaders. Each map will have a key to unlock the respective leader's tomb. Barracks of The Legion Cathedral of The Clergy Monastery of the Arcanum *secret* Tomb of D'sparil New monsters: Since data space is a non-issue these days, almost all minions that were in heretic can make a return, with more HP since they're too low by Hexen standards. Maulotaurs can be a mini boss. The only ones I can't see coming back are the Disciples of D'sparil and the gargoyles. The whole point of Disciples is that they were D'sparil's brainwashed followers and the Dark Bishops are an upgraded replacement as Korax's followers. And the gargoyles... let's be honest, they're the Afrits weaker cousins. The manual even said so.
Tue, 17 Jul 2012 20:23:21


I like your idea Billiam, if only we could figure out a way to begin working on it.

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