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Heretic: Necromancer Challenge

Sun, 06 Jun 2010 20:07:00


Hey I've just played Heretic on 4th difficulty level. Suddenly I had an idea to do a 100% Gauntlets run*. I got somewhat bored near level3, but it was quite effective. Has anyone tried it ? Heretic monsters in general have low lethality and no hitscan. There are no showstoppers like Hell Knights. It may actually be doable. You are allowed to use Tome of Power. I tried to kill everything in the way, which helps because I don't know Heretic levels as well as DooM ones. * ok, I used Elven Wand until the secret with Gauntlets. I suppose you could speedrun to the secret though.
Sun, 06 Jun 2010 20:25:45


Heh, I have beaten the 1st 2 levels on the Smite-Meister difficulty with just the staff. I have also run through the entire 1st episode using nothing but Necro Gaunts. Both of which I have gotten 100%. XD Here you want a Doom challenge? If you got the plutonia.wad for doom, beat the level GO2IT on Ultra-Violence and kill every monster and get 100% on everything. Yes it is doable becauase I have done it. ^^
Mon, 28 Jun 2010 11:02:46


Someone at ZDooM wanted to finish whole Heretic as a chicken. Though he had to modify the player class since chicken cant pickup keys.
Tue, 29 Jun 2010 16:58:58

The Ultimate DooMer

Or he could've used the give cheat when he found a key.

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