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Death Kings glitch

Tue, 21 Oct 2008 22:30:04


This may not be a Kmod problem, but I'm sure someone here can help (have only played DK with Kmod). When I reach the next to last level and must find the three relics to place in the nave, one relic (looks like a green dagger) disappears from my inventory between the time I find it and the time I try to place it in position. This has happened in two of three games so far; I've even backtracked to make sure I picked up all three relics; finally resorted to a walkthrough to see if I was missing something. In the original Hexen there was a cheat code to give you all these items (not "shopping center", which gives all artifacts), but I believe this has been disabled in Kmod. Is there a way to regain this "lost relic"?

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