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Again, i'm back....

Sat, 15 Feb 2003 05:12:33


Hi there. Due to an evil virus my mother caught over the e-mails, my pc went to repair and I wasn't able to either come here to say something, or, and the worse part, work much on the npcs. I couldn't even use the college's pcs, since I'm in exams period, and I had to study. Anyway, I know you are all tired and loosing hope, but I really think I can do at least the minimum required work done before the release. Since I couldn't work on the digital world, I began doing something I should have done long ago: the base body, in vegetal paper, in all positions, and I really think that, once scanned, they'll make the work a lot easier. It may seem too little, but I think there should be special patience with the artist area, since it is difficult and take a lot of time and dedication. I also made the sketches for the THING, so it will make it to the game. I just installed the damn machine, so now, since my exams are gone, I may find more free time. I won't take more of your time. See you.

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