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3D Sound Question

Thu, 30 Oct 2003 04:42:11


Okay, I've been playing KMod for some time now with 3D Sound enabled. I love the reverb that you get when it's turned on. However, when you step out into an open space from a closed in space when a sound is playing, the reverb drops off instantaneously as well. It's only a VERY minor annoyance, but it just doesn't seem very realistic. Does Doomsday only reverb sounds when you are in a sector with a non-sky ceiling? It sounds to me like it does. I think it should let the reverb finish out if a sound is playing as you step from a non-sky ceiling sector into a sky'd one. By the way, those with just onboard audio on their computers, leave 16-bit sound interpolation off when playing with 3D Sound turned on. It helps out tremendously in keeping the game from 'hiccuping' while playing with 3D Sound. At least it does on the comp I usually use to play KMod.
Tue, 16 Dec 2003 23:57:43


The fact is, I don't get anything about this type of technical specs, but i'm pretty sure that if there's a problem in the sound, it must be due to Doomsday features, and not Kmod, since I don't think we changed anything in the audio system. A good thing to do wouldbe to go to Doomsday site and ask there about it, I think only they can really help (?).

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