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Korax Mod ver 1.1 Features
Art Topic – what’s need, how, when, why
Subject? why do I need one?
3D Models
Internal FTP download server
It arose from the depths…
Korax Arena gameplay modes
need ideas for cave map
Trouble with Korax Mod
Some ideas…
Possession Dilemma
Can’t find one of the progs I used before…
New class
New binary as of 26/7
Latest News about the team
Excellent Work!
New stuff uploaded to /koraxdev
1.1 Patch for Korax Mod released
Sorry Ramborc
Some basic thoughts concerning the engine
A somewhat weird and disputable idea
nothing game ending but…
Temporarily put back…
Experience Points
A most bizarre occurence…
RPG ideas
New binary as of 16/8
Some misc babbling…
Please read this!
Hi there!
Interested in a dialogue system?
korax mod 2…sweet!!!
I’m not dead yet!
KMOD2 beta testing
Praise for KMOD2
Korax 2 – odd behavior
Aaagh!!! crash after first hub
The full TC
Prob with kmod 2!
Korax Alpha official name
Founding a clan
I have a quick question here
Project Beta Testing
Multiplayer (tcp/ip)
any cheats? finished the game like 20 times
Patching time!
Introducing Korax SE
Some question about korax mod 2
Can I play Death Kings w/ Korax Mod2 ?
SE RPG system discussion
I have an issue here…
Scattered Evil profile
Hi everybody
Why fight alone?
Wad problems
Some kmod2 bugs
Korax Mod II patch
Map making
How do you start your Korax Mod?
base engine limitations
About possessed monsters
Mystic savegame-crash
Boss is short on time 🙂
More KMOD2 feature suggestions
Cheats disabled?
KMOD 2.2 wrap-up
Scattered Evil programming
Help with running kmod2
KMOD 1&2 = one mod?
Multiplayer! anyone want a game?
Hurted skins
DK on korax mod ?
Final Multiplayer attempt
Kmod2.1 Screenshots?
Saved Game Files?
Big News: Remi is alive!
My list
Korax Mod 2.1 patch!
Scattered Evil design
General project infos
Mods, Come Here plz!
Changing Colours
There is a serious BUG in Korax mod 2 !!!
Is this project dead ?
Deathmatch? Lemme Join! Please….
OFF-Topic Chat
Question to all Korax fans and team members
Character generation
Team member status
Janiiiiiiiiis! Heeeelp!
New graphics
Shop map finished
Korax site
When’s 2.2 Gonna Come?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
I find this mod has some serious balance issues
Is the berserk mode supposed to work this way ?
Could I have some insight info about Scattered Evil ?
Will my Saves get destroyed with the New Patch?
I have a question for the development team
My beta test report so far………
New SE ideas
I want to nag about the 2.2 version release……
Koraxdev fileserver / KMOD 2.2. release
Sprites done/to be done
Thanx for the credits…….
Future KMOD versions?
Scattered Evil WIP
Theres a Bug in this Mod
New Korax forums look
DOOMer link
Was KMOD 2.2 so bad…
Regular Korax news
Base concept for the 3 upcoming Korax projects
Another one bites the dust?
netgame ends?
Phew… took me a lot longer than I thought
Bloodscourge is awfully frustrating…
Look what I fond in the news…
Sylon textures
Hexen maps.
Custom SE maps
Yo! How’s the SE doing ?
User names / accounts
Space man, I just want you to go to the Space man, I just…
A couple pictures I drew
Maps and more
GGRrrr! Damnit! KMOD is SO slow!
How to make skins, maps and new enemies?
It?s happening exactly as I predicted…
Random maps in SE
Who is your favourite character/enemy in Hexen?
Enabling Korax in new Doomsday versions
Do you use 3D models in KMOD?
Is Heretic 1 any good?
Cool Doom 2 WAD!
DOS question!
Moving topics?
Developer infos
Official Korax’ Heritage logo
Formatting WINME quetsion.
Hi there, new member here!!
A few ideas
Mago here
Roofs, models and skins…
New Images are done!!
Party TIME!!!
Concept Art – Uber-Heresiarch and Main Screen
KMod 2.5
Hi all, I’m the new 2d artist…
A whole new range of 2D art that could be done
SE Bugs
I’ve uploaded a preview of the Bishop damage skin…
Death Wyvern damage skin!!!!
You guys suck 🙂
New Damage Skin Preview
What other PC games do you play besides Kmod?
Who is your favourite character in…..
KMOD question!
Whoever posts here first gets a …….!
Invisible monsters
History lesson
Some new maps
New SE weapon ideas!
Korax SE trailer
Is this normal?
Wow…Great stuff on that X-mas Trailer
17 Mb Trailer ? U gotta be kidding……
New design guide format
I’m Back!!!
Concept art
So where is everyone and SE mod now?
Moving NPCs
More ideas
SE is going to be done this way – how and why
Map prob
I give up
How bout some MP!!!
Dead Forums
For Your Entertainment, me dancing by a fire!
Important Question
Again, i’m back….
Korax’ Heritage merchandise shop
Scripting question
Just a little teaser…
Sprites Sketches
Sprite mods
Uncle Mago Needs You!
How to make new sprite wads and Sprite edit
New damage skin!!
About Vavoon engine
Hey Mago!
Stable Multiplayer
CD question most probably solved
Strength, Efficency and The Mage
Is Korax Heritage on IRC?
Loading Saved Games in Multiplayer Co-op?
Further Multiplayer Comments/Ideas
Quests, Journal and other useful thingies like that.
RPG attributes system for SE – place your votes
Korax Heritage IRC channel
Weather Effects. Simple.
New Design Guide version
is there a way to use this with the originial DOS hexen 1.1?
Got a couple of questions…
Alpha test requirements
About HeXen 2
Why has the site been neglected?
The reason this time…
Alpha test requirements (again)
Sound problem…
Me Want K0rax Ar3na !!!!
Hexen 2 question.
Alpha test topic (3rd try)
KMOD 2.5 (I know…)
KMod 2.5 (cont)
KMod 2.5 (cont again)
KMod 2.5 (cont yet again)
New fileserver
I’m still not gone.
KMOD 2.5 out – nice work Hi?
se weapons
Base Types?
This HAS NOTHING to do with KMod!Beware!
What will the Next Patch Herald?
Directions for uploading to koraxdev
Idea sparks in Saitou Hajime!
Anime & co.
Korax Mod with custom hubs/episodes
New Posters(Korax Mod Licensed Posters?No not those kind)
Ack Bleebwah HELP!
SE on Vavoom?
The “new TSP” concept
LOL!Stupid Chaos Serpents!DIE DIE!
I’m back and I want something answered
I need someone to updat on any patches
KMod 3.0
SourceForge account
I’m back (again)
Sketch drawings
Avatar questions
ShadowCaster Tools
Hexen 95 Windows Laucher
Sprites to upload (where and how ?)
“Vaults” Custom Wad
What do hardcore Hexen players listen to ?
Firebrand’s Studio
BUILD Sprite editting
SE ideas
Wendigos (new sprites and ideas)
B0rsuk’s Studio
Photografic Model
NPCs specs
MAPs ideas
Betrayal at Krondor
Some bug reports and interesting stuff:
Kingdom of Fuck
ShadowCaster Stuff
Spam on
Selling Items
Funky Avatar
Damage Skins Comment
KMod 3.0, almost finished?
Will be possible to play the original maps?
The Very Best Maps
Nothing to do with KMod.
3D Sound Question
KMOD 2.7
Fire Dead
New Weapons!
Can i joing Korax’ Heritage?
Hail… and now what?
Janis and Camper (mainly)
New Work Uploaded
WitchHaven I & II
List of All DooM Engine Games
Two FTP?
New Screenshots
Matrix Rev
Master Sword
Hexen question
Carnage Galore
More Work Uploaded
Moving site
RGN Xmas Event
Guess the next poster game!!
I would like to me a KH musician
And now, the music
Mago’s studio
Some things to have in mind while making sprites…
koraxdev back up
The One-Smilie Reply
The 4th Studio
National Record of Achievement.
Mago’s mailbox
Regarding the smilie topic
The Enemy
KMOD 2.7
Merry Christmas!
Koraxdev access prob
Webhosting (Rob and Janis only)
Level design tips from Cliffy B.
File Manager
Ideas from DemonSlayer
SE/KMOD 3 alpha maps pack review
Historical moment
Korax Arena bots
Korax Arena Concept
Happy New Year!!!
Town map in Vavoom
The Orifice
KMOD Port?
Favorite Map
Korax Arena development started!
Arena weapons
Korax Arena maps
Marine player character in Arena
I have uploaded something interesting
KMod3 again.
Some Korax Arena ideas
Original HeXen Question
Witchaven player character in Arena
KA Theme Song
3d model..
More work uploaded
Shop? Where?
WTF!! (Korax mail account)
Again… The Port.
Been out FOR A WHILE
greeting Orc
Korax Mod Questions
carnage galore3
I’m back and fully operational
Korax Arena
The Soundtrack
Kmod 3.0
The Second Hub
We’ve got a mapper!
Ingame Player’s speed
new version of town map
Korax Arena Weapon Sprites
DarkRaven’s studio
Other games modded?
Korax Arena name
It’s been quiiite awhile… heh.
Urgent 2D art
That is one SEXY lookin skybox!
SE Textures Questions
Korax Arena 0.1 near completion!
Looking for beta testers
Korax’ Heritage team announces new project
KA 0.1 beta testing
Graphics for KA
Hey what’s up with Nightwolf?
Korax Arena start screen idea
Witchaven warrior’s gameplay discussion
KMod2.x done forever, woo.
New hunter class in KA
Vavoom bugfix proposals
Korax Arena todo list
Moose’s todo list :p
Cheapy’s random work
Korax Arena latest work
A question about the Serpent Riders name origins
Ice Hockey
Hexen on modDB
Cheapy plays Korax Mod!
KA official release
Your oldest computer that still lives
KMod 2.8 observations
Korax Mod Questions, Again!
Problems in the Forum
Memberlist spam
Your Favourite Album(s)
Game quote thread
KMOD 2.9?
Weapon Table
New KA internal beta
SE Boss
Map Stuff
Please,can someone help me whit new weapons generation?
What’s new?
3 days to go…
A strange glitch is happening in my DOOM map…
KMOD 3.0 beta testing
I have Hexen 2 at LAST!! Need help though… >_>
KA monsters
Question about Korax Mod
Stuck on the second hub, help me please!
A QUICK little favour…
Bug found in game.
KMOD 3 spells/weapons
need help installing/running korax
You’re the man now dog
DROD: Deadly Rooms Of Death !
Problem installing Kmod
Cleric is too weak in DM 2.x (or we’re not playing properly)
Regarding an old news post
koraxdev cleanup
Hexen Multiplayer! *DoomsDay* Who wants to play?
Additional KA class powers
Thoughts on the SE world
KA/Vavoom bugs !
Korax’ Heritage roadmap…
A few bugs I’ve found while playing
Whats needed?
A few more bugs I found and some suggestions.
Voice time!
Music discussion
Zork booklet.
Your Favourite Movie(s)
Spellcasting Concept
New Map Uploaded!
KA 1.0
A glorious day in DR history!
Some level editing questions.
Hexen intro movie search
H!Zone for Hexen and Heretic?
Official The Chaos Sphere Thread.
Heresiarch question
Graphics question (RambOrc)
DOOM 3 – Is it good?
Hey it’s KORAX
Most Popular Smilie
Other game’s artwork as base
Heretic/Hexen strategy guides
KH Conversation System.
old stuff for freaks
About the new IRC channel
Hexen WAD sound extraction
Heretic skyboxes
Laugh at Moose thread.
Heresiarch Hub
Your Favourite Game(s)
Excelsior 1&2
New members can’t register
UT rocks!
Inspiration for use of slopes and light in maps (pics)
Converting my catalogue
430 out of 100, hmm.
look what these guys came up with
kmod moddb review!
Elements Of Power
Who uses Firefox?
A little benchmark
KA code hosting account
A Sprite I made up
Cast your vote for our mod on MDDB!!
Some, uh… news!
Your Favourite Book(s)
Linux advice
Doom Builder – map maker
lan on Win98 (ipx)
Doom Builder (just me )
I need help to set up FileZilla
Very sad day for Pantera fans
A Suggestion for a KA Class..
Vavoom questions
Hexen TC for Doom3
Some links for Hexen mods (compiled)
Hexen scripting tutorial
Mapping progresses
kmod3 job
S.E. news
KA Work that needs to be finished
Anyone want these?
New textures and flats (beta testing)
General mapping questions
It is a sad, sad day.
Hexen gifs!!!!??
New code for Vavoom
Problem with the forum
Garry’s mod
Garrys mod
HL2 fun
An Idea
A Idea
A Idea
A Idea mailboxes mailboxes
Forums are back!
KA 0.2 UPDATED beta testing
Question about the new KH domain
Questions about the maps
If you aren’t Janis, don’t read it (webmaster talk)
I’m going for the week
Will Korax Mod work with Zdoom?
attn: mago
Slopes tutorial (beta stage)
Gargoyle Class Sprites Discussion
Suggestion for development of KMod & SE
Super-extreme gibbing?
Strife sound problems
Korax RPG concept
phpBB prob
Models support enhancements for Vavoom
More rolls
It’s now the 7th… (Now with added off-topic goodness, mmm)
I consider joining
lol i’ve been waiting for something like this 😀
two GREAT ideas
Extrange crash while traveling levels
Chemistry proposal
Rolls returns
SF Features
Rolls – A new beast
New way for reporting bugs/requesting features.
Concerning Development History
your keyboard…
H2 version of kmod?
Blog or news?
new approach to mapping a big city
new remix
Monastary Hub Questions
Korax Arena development status
Score! Old childhood memories of my 386 revisited
beta3 🙁
Korax Arena Trailer
Korax Arena important decision – everyone read&reply pls
river of fire mp3 by 4th class
SE Development details
PM to RambOrc about Metallica
PM to RambOrc about Stonekeep
PM to RambOrc about Judas Priest’s newest album
KA latest release
Hexen-ish Quake speedmod released
The Elven Gathering
Leveling/Experience System Ideas/Discussion
Daggerfall Weapons
Daggerfall Enemies-> Link Updated
Korax Admin area
Is this project still alive?
Developer Blogs
Remixes of the same music in Hexen
Hexen’s 10 year anniversary
I made this crappy little base.
The Throne Room Bug
Hey. i?m alive
Lots of annoying questions about the games!
Where do I find the DMX sound library for source codes?
Look at the little fluke I made!
Real Korax 2: Korax’s Keep
Vavoom for OS X
Do you think the people on Cronos have TVs?
Backwards messages
D’sparil and Eidolon are cliche
Hey guys guess what I made a monster! =)
interesting article
Wishing everybody a happy Halloween!
Internal beta testing
Once Again..
Best 3 months of my life
Question about Vavoom
concerning Strife
The 2nd Korax Arena Trailer
KA trailer media
Wi-Fi connection in consoles! What’s the future for gaming?
Some korax arena suggestions and questions
Freeheretic progress?
an idea…
yeah so what
Corridor 8
not fair that cleric has no new weapons
how do I run the korax mod in software mode..
map ideas
inventory ideas and shop ideas
KA idea: graffitis
Game rating
Merry Christmas to all!!
How do i use MD2 models for this game?
just a question about scattered evil.
i am still avaiable…
Idea for scattered evil.
Couple questions
Quick KA status update!
another idea DUAL WIELD
New Blog design
Heretic Deathmatch and Firemace
Way to make Hexen MMO?
KA weapon balance
Holy Moly
kdev cleanup
D’sparil is the best final boss of any FPS ever
World of Warcraft
Arncha glad we don’t hafta wait for Quake 4 anymore?
Scattered evil expansion.
Is 3 episode registered version of heretic legal?
Thanks fron Russia
Tanks from Russia
Dark Realms (2000-2006)
Need a freelancer / contributor?
using texture packs w/kmod
Ready to work, but do not know what to do
CHECK a look around to this
Hex 0.85 how could i use it with jhexen or doomsday ??
Several notices about KA
On Cronos
1st May
lol remember when I made a topic to try to make 100 pages?
What had happened to CVS today?
Sprite editing
Where are the froggies???!?!!? @_@
new blog entry
Instructions on creating a new ACS function (action special)
What you rekommend?
So, what’s next
Hexen 64 soundtrack out there somewhere?
New member appliance
Hexen Online
????? Windows, Office, Server
Spam on our forums
Which class do you prefer?
Korax Arena 0.2 MP
Help please
Won’t run in D3D
New applicant
Need any sound design or MUSIC
New KH text logo
Sound FX
**ARENA_SFX LIST_** for Todd the mongoliod
Can’t find no books mayn…
Kmod wad file
Still alive out there?
*GASP!* Was the music “chartr’ intended for shadow woo
KA noobs?
Chicken Run!
ok I’m Back again
Programmers sheet
do you still need a beta tester?
Some funny jokes about Windows OS… and a lots more
Request for future Korax mod
Bots improvement (Quake) = Realistic vision?
Something for Lucas?
Holy cow theres a new update on the news page! 80
W_GetNumForName bug again
Horrible bug
Night Serpent
What have i to do?
Just some information for new members
Voxels for landscape (again) – yes or no?
Odious bug!
Korax Mod (a mini-mod for it) and bug or feature, can’t tell
I won’t be around for the rest of the week 🙁
3D models in Vavoom and DoomBuilder – HELP
Running Kmod, rather than walking it
The Very Weird Thread
Regarding Hexen 2…
Ideas for RPG Trilogy
Whatever happened to Carnage Galore III?
Korax Arena adjustments
Unholy Cleric?
The Two-Smilie Reply
Request to our Russian users
Suggestion: special attacks for heresiarch and korax
Hello i ask question
Holy Hackers???
A travel topic
Some very funny flash-games (Warning: political issues)
error messages
Trapped in Sacred Grove
Shadow Wood switch
Whoa check this out Crimson Wizard!
KA arsenal
Stress Relief Korax
Concerning a second interview
Triad symbols?
Template for
Shop theme
KM3.0 not on the downloads page
Heresiarch bug
Problem with v1.1 hexen patch
poor sound control
Small stupid joke 🙂
Hell’s Surface?
News System Updated
optional music
A first
stripped gears
Communists strike back!! LOL
I got a gameplay problem
Thoughts on a HeXen 2 korax heritage
Multiplayer support
a built-in cheat?
console cheats
Korax mod 2.8 prob
New weapon?
Roadmap update
about carnage galore III
N64 controllers
So where are Korax and D’sparil’s troops in Hexen 2?
“Children of Men” movie – watch it
High res textures? (image heavy topic)
kdev cleanup
Lucas the Pervert
2 questions
Add new charater from Hexen2??
crashes during the game
Just started playing… Kmod =D
D’Sparil Mod?
Waste on wastelands
Some korax arena questions
ka public beta
Korax Arena official announcement and beta release!
KA 0.9 Beta Thread
A wacky idea none of you will like
I got bored…
Can I turn off view-bobbing?
New weapon:Hexen2 spell book
Lucas the Attention Whore
Small question
guns in heretic/hexen?
KA 0.9.1 Beta Released
Evil Mage on Youtube
sf downloads
KA campaign ideas
Warcraft II expansion pack
Game modes
Ben 10 is Totally ripping off ShadowCaster!
Really interesting read
Happy New 2007!
Just some news
server move
No idea
The old trailer
My issues with this mod
looking for new wads
disregard previous “complaints”
website/forums performance
Graphic assistance
Open letter to Raven/Activision to GPL the Heretic Hexen src
Heresiarh weapons
W_CacheLumpNum crash
Korax Arena medals
Strife help? [WARNING! Spoilers Inside]
2D Archer sprite I’m working on
Anyone who’s played Shadowcaster [SPOILERS]
korax links down
Forums Revamped!
Forum changes
can switch between weapons
And you thought you had spam?
Good news
Advice needed
mappers’ read
For fellow members with a MySpace account
Computer Stupidities
Korax RPG concept
KH joins MySpace
Korax Arena trailers now viewable on YouTube!
error message
mystic ambit incant
Hardware problems I’m having
DARK REALMS: 3rd hub out, 4th one on drawing board
New User’s Activations
Korax Arena now at MODDB!
KA new internal beta
beginning of the game
On quartz flasks
Advice Needed (In mortal edition)
Moose you’ve got one month left
KA Maps
Couple of Questions
Trying to Download Strife
Tomb raider ripping Heretic off?
Castle of Grief …literally
This sucks
Happy birthday
KA 1.0 supplementaries
‘Rolls’ folder on kdev
learning to mod
KA profile on MODDB
kmod startup prob
The Three-Smilie Reply
Frickin anti gamers
Happy Canada Day (you fucking Christian Right assholes!)
Release Date for 3.0?
Doomsday or Zdoom
KMOD 3 release date and stuff
Update of develop history
The ninth of July
Alternate download for KMod 3.0?
Some encouragement
KMod 3.0 beta stuff
scattered evil gameplay
Shadowcaster soundtrack?
Witchaven games
Witchaven/WHII/TekWar source
Hexen Arcanum
For those who just can’t get enough of oldschool FPS/RPGs…
Korax RPG programming list
Amazing good old days
Mod still alive?
CDs up for grabs
Character migration between games
Difficulty setting
Favorite Heretic episode
Hexen community forums
creator of the serpent riders
Announced Korax RPG coding commencement (in blogs)
Time stop?
Hexen 2 is super frustrating
Korax RPG status update
Das Schwarze Auge map
spellbook system
Hexen enhanced mods video
KoraxRPG: A question of extra monster peculiarities
Anti game laws may force Crytek out of Germany
Unreal Tournament 3
Raven Forums
Peak Oil: The most exciting revolution of the 21st century
Korax RPG: The New Beginning
Korax SE design guide
new town concept
Most urgent thing needed for SE
story fragment
Travel map concept
SE monsters
Still breathing?
augh its about time
In loving memory
Models for Scattered Evil
I don’t hate Bush anymore
how can i run death kings in 3.0?
Latest KA Internal build
In with the new metal, Rambo the 21st-century balls are here
Hows it going?
Political etc threads
Korax Mod + Multiplayer?
Hopefully the last KMod3 topic ever…
Korax Arena Screenshots!
KA status and bugs
Korax 3.0 manual? cant find it.
Bot Generator 1.0
Further releases after 3.0
KRPG Graphics: playing with graphics editor
The tale of the serpent riders
Deathkings Crash – Map75 on Exit to First Hub
Original plans for the serpent riders trilogy
Feel yourself a Serpent Rider
Ravenforums (this is getting stupid)
The screenshots look amazing
Bug report
Music Donations?
So many years
Feeling a bit uncomfortable about SE
Project Offset
hey? where can servers be found online
Loading screens
hexen movie?
Baratus makes the best posts
Guest Pass on Steam
Duke Nukem Forever strikes back!
Vavoom help?
Indians leave America
Scarcity of Hexen wads
Coop. Multiplayer KMOD3?
The KMOD3.0 Class Guide (Version 1.1; 27/12/2007)
100 reasons to say BS
Feature Request Tracking
Ideas for 3rd part of the trilogy (The Serpent Power)
Hexen: Kingdom of the Serpent
Anything I can serve you on?
New version of forum software
rpg disorder?
kinda stupid…
why is the mage so misleading?
SE Conversations
So Ichor, how is Fury coming along?
Good pixel pushing art tools?
The Music Thread (put all music-related stuff in here)
Lilliputian Assault
Brazilian justice forbids Counter-Strike
Possession commands
Central town map
NeoWorm Resources
Aces high II
New monsters
So what happened on January 30?
Hexen music tabs
Why Raven ended the series
NPC graphics – requests
New Team Member
Announcer Sounds needed for KA
Graphics tasks
yay i made it to castle of greif!
New KA release?
(UPDATED) Korax Arena BETA Released!
KA Beta Bugs
Ever considered putting up some documentation?
Colour translations
NeoWorm Stuff
HeXen Fanart
KH Board Style?
Hidden surpises
Korax RPG internal alpha
DOS ports
KH theme song
Possible way to simulate sky light (and more)
posting news
Introducing the Korax’ Heritage trilogy
Statement from The 4th Class
Chaos Serpent in Spawn?
Wuts up!
I’m Sorry
Hexen Memory Game
how do i fix this problem
I dunno..
Artwork needed
I’m back
Some issues
Rights to the series
You can’t use this
How is KA coming along?
Why are the orcs green?
Chronicles back?
my art
Heretic and Hexen Sources Re-released Under the GPL
korax 3.0 crashes ….consistently
KMod3, coming soon?
Mapping update: city streets
Artwork Wadfiles
KRPG Map Builder
assorted crash messages
KMod 2.8?
Doom Builder 2
Kirt as a playable character?
Korax’ Heritage Official wiki!
Korax Arena status and bugs 2
Textures and other resources
Death Kings glitch
kmod and Vista
weapons inconsistency
Editing the Wiki
KA: New menu style
KA: Thing flags change
KA master server
A question about KTH
KA futher changes
Random Question
External .wad and DirectX question
KA Error
KA manual
Map Question
DSA travel system
Map load times / pre-rendering lights
How to contribute
SE city
Problem with Colored Decorations
KA manual
Korax Arena 1.0 Final Release
KA 1.0 bugs
KA 1.0 status and bug reports
Furniture and other scenery
Korax Arena patches
VaVoom help
KA 1.0.1 bugs
KA gameplay movie
New Map
Happy New Year!
Save Problem
Need Hexen MAPINFO
Burned corpses block my way
I can’t believe this is done
Korax Arena v1.0.2 released
Damage Skins
Hexen script compiling
Writing for Korax RPG
Cleric weapon inconsistency
Guide for configuring and hosting your own online games.
Korax games overview
New monster: Bloody Demon
polyobj doors
New Musician sample work
Doom Builder 2 Test compilation!
town maps vs dungeon maps
Official SE Bestiary
New Monster – The Butcher
SE Bestiary Discussion
Spell Items & Spell Instances
Idea for the Mod
KRPG Arsenal Design
Scattered Evil Story
Scattered Evil Intro Cutscene
Kdev cleanup
Crashes at the option screen.
SE Maps from Crimson Wizard
pre-rendering static lights
korax bug?
Inequity between characters
question about Death Kings
Now presenting the new soft drink… LOL
Controller setup
kdev moving
blocked at end of level
Class balance
Great Mod! And my strategy for fighter class
graphics glitch with new vid card
Music Composer Offering
Installation Help Needed
Uh… Simple Question
Forum maintenance
Have you guys seen this heretic wad? Community Choice Awards
What’s the plan?
Project organization for SE
Korax Arena maps
Game crushes in the Castle of grief #2
Artwork for the Journal
Illustrations and such
A few suggestions
Horizon and water
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The Arena Of Reckoning!
My little strategy guide review
KA Balance
KRPG Milestones and Modules
Help needed on Sourceforge account
Korax Arena resources repack
KRPG monster AI
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RPG design article
Strife: access Sanctuary without setting alarm
I’m not dead
What’s New?
Advanced slopes
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Strife Conversation System Demo
Online gaming question
TaskFreak, Hmm…
New Korax Arena version coming around the corner
KA: Cyan pixels on sprites border
Korax Arena 1.1
Lets give duke nukem a shot.
The Flood
KA Master Server
Taking maps from Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders
KRPG dungeon map evaluation
Equipment discussion
KRPG difficulty settings
Some DOOM and gloom…
Raven Software layoffs
KA’s Doom Builder .cfg file is only for DB1, not DB2
Mapping work
Have you guys seen this? (Let’s play Korax Mod)
My adventure game 🙂
Dark Realms status
Music-maps assignment
KRPG Alpha Progress
Just a note 😛
Light sources and sector light levels
Korax Arena v1.1 BETA released
Board software update
Korax Arena 1.1 patch
KRPG Milestone 3 Scope
KRPG Milestone 3 (internal Alpha) progress update
Reminder: 0 days left til MS3 release
KRPG Milestone 3 pre-release bug thread
SE Quest system
Scattered Evil Limited Alpha bug report thread
Scattered Evil Limited Alpha feedback thread
Scattered Evil Limited Alpha game info thread
Scattered Evil Limited Alpha
Scattered Evil Limited Alpha released
KRPG Milestone 4 (first beta) progress tracking
KA map size listing
Recruitment wish list
SF bug/fr tracker
I’ll be away, smell you later! 😛
Looking for mappers
SE naming thread
Dungeon map location guidelines
Travel map adjustment
Compiling the sources
Forum problem
Scripts in maps
KA 1.1 beta bugs
Different texture wadfiles
Replacing all occurences of a texture in a map
Doombuilder 2 settings
Shopping system
Breadmonster Invasion part 1 beta
KRPG MS4 Status Update
Patches and textures
Scheduled forum maintenance
Adding map elements depending on class and difficulty
Flagging RPG complexity features
Reworking Necros
Map change on reaching a certain Z value in a sector
Website with free textures
Texture naming guidelines for KRPG
KA futher update
Converted skyboxes
Modeler/skinner needed
[Hexen] Serpent: Resurrection (Released)
Stair builder plugin for DB2
MechWarrior 4 released for free
Skybox differences
Oblige: random DooM/Heretic/Quake/Hexen* level generator
Ideas for Hexen mods
Rewriting history – Serpent Riders
holes in map
Hello Guys!
1/3 Heretic, 1/3 Hexen, 1/3 new
Heretic: Necromancer Challenge
DB2 Config File for Vavoom/KRPG?
Radically new character class idea
Map number range
I can draw! 😛
Map scale
New travel map
Jimmy’s music
Mage Class “Ice Wand” missing?
Window mode, or minimize
Discussion of opening Dev Forums
SE project becoming more open
New korax theory
Serpent: Resurrection
New travel map
Changes to compilation process
Distributing the source for KRPG
KRPG Source code distribution pack progress update
KRPG Source code distribution pack released!
Final version of the SE travel map
High resolution SE overland map
Slow progress password reset
Project members and contributors: strength and weaknesses
Code revision
Hexen: Edge of Chaos (Doom3 mod)
Hexen overhaul as seen in b0rsuk’s mod
KMOD 4 feature/version planning
KMOD 4.0 Beta1 bugs
KMOD 4 exp and attributes
KMOD 4.0 Beta 1
Korax Mod 4
Carnage Galore 3, now for GZDoom
Modded maps
KA total overhaul concept
KMOD 4 Interview
KMOD 4.0 Beta 2
Korax Mod 4 Beta 2
Spiritual power and class spells
Spellbook and Arsenal
Reducing number of forums
Categorizing monsters
KMOD 4 Focus Testing: Castle of Grief
Korax Arena (development) source code release
Corvus, Baratus, Parias, and Daedolon in super smash bros!
Heresiarch the Korax Rider
Weather effects
Crash with Dark Advisors
Origin of Zedek, Traductus, and Menelkir’s names
Why is the firemace useless?
KMOD 4 Focus Testing: Entire 4th Episode
New ACC (based on ZDoom ACC 1.50)
Korax Mod 4 Beta 3
Invoking console crashes game
KoraxRPG Update: Traveling
Facebook interview with john romero
KoraxRPG Travel mode completed
Old blog posts
KRPG travel mode displays wrong map names
Preliminary map list
KRPG internal beta
Crash in map02
Taskfreak KRPG
Taskfreak KA
“save map into” feature in DB2
Check out this guy’s deviantart
KoraxRPG First Public Beta about to be released
Scattered Evil First Beta
Korax’ Heritage: Scattered Evil first beta release
SE Beta1 Bug Report Thread
SE Beta1 Game Problem Report Thread
Wiki Documentation Requests
ideas for a redux Hexen
Return of the Hexen Card Flipping game!
Sprites not showing up in game