Scattered Evil 2.3 released

Scattered Evil 2.3 is now available on SourceForge and ModDB.


  • Hundreds of all-new custom textures have been added, giving every single town a major facelift
  • Fully animated 3D models for Dark Bishop, Dark Cardinal, Dark Advisor
  • Humans are now taller (both the player and NPCs)
  • Walking NPCs can now be pushed out of the way
  • Shop signs are now swinging in the wind
  • Minor bugfixes

New Scattered Evil Trailer

This year’s SE trailer is now available on YouTube in Full HD, showing off the major strides during 2020 towards a full 3D game. Oh and this year is also Hexen’s 25th, Vavoom‘s 20th and Korax’ Heritage’s 20th birthday.

SE Development Update

The next version of Scattered Evil is currently targeted for a late August/early September release. These screenshots should tide you over until then.

Site rebuild completed

The transfer of all the old content into the new site has been completed, there is even a basic export of all old forum threads. Let me know if you are missing something or a link is broken.

Website rebuild started

Much of the information collected over the years is in old web applications, many of which have already stopped working (and the rest will probably follow suit sooner or later, after a PHP or system upgrade). As lately the project started gathering steam once again, it makes sense to refurbish all the previously available information into a new, unified container that is easy to keep up-to-date.

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.