Scattered Evil Limited Alpha released

After getting all the flak over the years for communicating our plans in advance and not delivering on estimated dates, we decided to turn it all around… this time we didn’t say a single word all year about what we were working on, but now on the traditional KMOD birthday* it is here, ready for download: the Limited Alpha release of Scattered Evil, our upcoming RPG mod.

For more information and the download link, see this topic on the Korax forums.

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A (perhaps not so) Silent Hill :)

Although I do not position myself as an usual mapper inside Korax Team, sometimes I become inspired to design a piece or two (an inspiration should be strong enouph for me to overcome my eternal lazyness, hehe). This time I was impressed by latest RambOrc’s Big City version and decided to make something so nice and pretty-looking. Thus came the idea of a town-on-the-hill.

Right now I do not have the idea of how it could be connected to the world of Scattered Evil, this may be just another one peaceful hamlet, or fortified town of mountain people (dwarves?), or an abandoned village full of ominous beasts, whatever; I am still working on it.
Here are some shots which show the progress of “cutting” this settlement from the solid rock (click to see in maximum size):

spiral_shot0011 spiral_shot0022 spiral_shot0032 spiral_shot0042

Korax RPG: Advanced Spell / Spell Casting System

I’ve been working during my vacations on KRPG experience system, the basic system is now done, when you kill monsters you now get experience, you can upgrade your character via de upgrading screen, you also receive spells as you level up being a cleric or mage, the remaining part is to make an actual spell casting system, Crimson Wizard started by creating spell instances, so the map can be told when spells are casted and updates itself if necessary, he also created actor conditions, so we can now affect actors when they are poisoned, confused, etc. by spells, the next step is to create items that are spells to the game, this way, it’ll be easier to make them be recognized as spells by the status bar and the spell book, which will be started once I finish with the spell system, hopefully it won’t be THAT complicated, I already have some ideas regarding this 🙂 , so I’m preparing the way for all of it.

Stay tuned, I might post some actual screens of spells once I get everything working as expected, it should take a couple of weeks for me to test it all properly. If you are more interested in how something might work, I would suggest you to post on the forums, since it’s the best place we might take some attention, heh! 😉

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Introducing the Korax’ Heritage trilogy

The Korax’ Heritage team is officially introducing the Korax’ Heritage trilogy. This trilogy builds on the world and lore of the original Hexen. The story spans several decades, each part introducing new characters to play.

The Chaos Sphere
The first part of the trilogy, it portrays the havoc wreaked on Korax’ armies, his destruction and the dimension travels with the Chaos Sphere. This story was told in the original Hexen (including the Deathkings of the Dark Citadel expansion pack), and can be replayed with enhanced graphics and a wide range of RPG elements as Korax Mod. This first part has already been finished and can be downloaded and played.

Scattered Evil
This sequel takes place a few months after the events of the first part. This time, you explore a large part of a country, visiting dozens of locations consisting of all-new 3D maps. All fights are pure-bred 3D FPS fights, traveling and interaction with NPCs is classic RPG-like. This part of the trilogy is currently in development and has been recently greatly overhauled for more immersive and enhanced 3D environments and more engaging AI.

The Serpent Power
A pure role playing game with a seamlessly connected enormous 3D world, you lead a team of young adventurers of the three orders of Chronos on their journey across a whole continent, decades after the death of Korax. You search after the mystical “Serpent Power”, which you don’t even know what form it takes. Is it physical? Is it spiritual? Is it magic? Nobody seems to know. This game brings back epic storytelling and immersion in the style of the classic 1990s RPG series and is currently in the design phase.

For more information, visit the Korax’ Heritage website and forums regularly.