Modeler/skinner needed

We are looking for a modeler/skinner (or several) who can help us with any of the following:

  • Fixing skins on existing 3D models that have small flaws
  • Creating slightly different skins for existing 3D models (so that e.g. not every tree looks the same)
  • Slightly modify existing models
  • Creating some all-new models incl. skins

If you are interested, reply in the comments or send me a PM.

Spriting month!!

Hi there! It’s been a long time since we have posted a blog entry, so I decided I would give you a small progress update of our work on the project.

I’ve been busy working on the conversion of our sprite sheets to normal sprites usable for various objects in-game, like enemies, player weapons, decorations, etc. It’s been a bit slow and tedious work, but it will give us a huge boost on the work we’ll be able to do code wise, it will allow us to implement new enemies using DECORATE and VavoomC to provide interesting new attacks for enemies and nice looking new weapons for all the player classes in our RPG project. The latest additions for DECORATE in Vavoom will make it easier to work with adding new weapons and for fixing the existing ones.

It might take another month (or longer) to convert the spritesheets to normal enemies, I hope to make it faster… I’m looking for a way to automatize part of the task to make it faster. Unfortunately I’m having some hardware issues on my end and I’m unable to work on this as I would like 🙁 .

Ramborc and Sahadia have been busy working on the story and locations for the RPG, the progress has been good on this part too and we already have planned most of the locations the players will visit throughout the game. Ramborc has also been importing new textures for giving life to these locations and make them look good in-game.

Crimson Wizard has been working on additions for AI for both Korax Arena’s bots and enemies in our RPG MOD, which will enhance the game in the RPG MOD and allow us to implement further gameplay modes on KA.

This is the work we are doing as of now, as

Looking for mappers

We are looking for mappers for our RPG project Scattered Evil.

We need mappers for several kinds of jobs:
1) creating all-new dungeon maps (single maps or hubs) either for intense combat or complicated puzzles (or both)
2) building non-combat maps (villages, towns) that are about look & feel and architecture
3) reworking existing dungeon maps created by others in previous years to add modern Vavoom features like 3D floors, slopes, colored lightning, translucent textures etc, fix errors, replace textures with improved ones, balance enemies and items etc.

If you are interested in applying, you can either post a reply in the comments or send me a PM.

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Scattered Evil Limited Alpha released

After getting all the flak over the years for communicating our plans in advance and not delivering on estimated dates, we decided to turn it all around… this time we didn’t say a single word all year about what we were working on, but now on the traditional KMOD birthday* it is here, ready for download: the Limited Alpha release of Scattered Evil, our upcoming RPG mod.

For more information and the download link, see this topic on the Korax forums.

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A (perhaps not so) Silent Hill :)

Although I do not position myself as an usual mapper inside Korax Team, sometimes I become inspired to design a piece or two (an inspiration should be strong enouph for me to overcome my eternal lazyness, hehe). This time I was impressed by latest RambOrc’s Big City version and decided to make something so nice and pretty-looking. Thus came the idea of a town-on-the-hill.

Right now I do not have the idea of how it could be connected to the world of Scattered Evil, this may be just another one peaceful hamlet, or fortified town of mountain people (dwarves?), or an abandoned village full of ominous beasts, whatever; I am still working on it.
Here are some shots which show the progress of “cutting” this settlement from the solid rock (click to see in maximum size):

spiral_shot0011 spiral_shot0022 spiral_shot0032 spiral_shot0042