New Korax Arena version coming around the corner

We are pleased to allow you to preview some of the new things that the next KA version will have, just to name a few, there will be a new gameplay mode called survival, which consists in surviving as many waves of monsters with the help of all the players, as the game progresses the monster waves get bigger and spawn more difficult monsters, the plus this gameplay mode offers is that you will fight all the monsters from heretic and hexen (and a few other surprises if you survive long enough 👿 ). We’ll also have some revamped maps from previous versions of KA and some more maps that will work on multiple gameplay modes, the usual bug fixes here and there and many other nice things :).

For now I’ll leave you with a couple of shots from survival gameplay mode and other stuff, stay tuned it’s not long before KA’s next version arrives!

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We have also been working on improving the forums too, we want the community alive again, that’s why we have added custom titles (which were a blast before updating the forum software ;)), we have added the possibility of quick replying to topics if you go to the bottom of the thread, you’ll notice a reply box, no more hitting reply button, and that’s just the beginning… get to the forums to see the rest! Enjoy!

EDIT: Further screenshots can be found here.

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Official Korax’ Heritage video channel

We have opened the official Korax’ Heritage video channel on YouTube, thanks to Sahadia, who will be managing it, we’ll be able to post more than screenshots of the new features we implement in our projects.

Sahadia has re-encoded and uploaded the first video to the channel, it’s a gameplay video of Korax Arena v1.0, recently recorded by Ramborc, the background music was written by 4th Class, it’s named ‘Ego’.

We hope to bring you new videos from features of all of our projects in the future, stay tuned to the blog, since it will be here where we’ll post about these videos, in the future, we’ll add links to the video channel on the screenshots sections of our projects too, we hope you like this new way of giving you updates, as always, you can comment about it and new suggestions you have on our forums.


Edit: Korax’ Heritage has a new official channel at

Korax Arena v1.0.2 released

We have a new update patch for Korax Arena v1.0, it fixes most of the serious bugs found in the 1.0 release, this is the second KA patch released (the first one didn’t got a news post), here are the main fixes of both patches:


– Fixed player always joined first available team regardless of user setup if team autoselect option is on.
– Fixed crash in Xmas Havoc, caused by previous patch.
– Minor fixes to Bot AI.
– Fixed Darkness Missiles and Poison Clouds affect invulnerable players.
– Fixed player morphing into Heresiarch fall down during the morphing sequence.
– Fixed setting wrong camera height for player after transforming into Heresiarch.
– Fixed team starts for Ratchet map in CTF.

– Decreased amount of damage flash for Heresiarch player class.
– Improved the way built nodes and GL nodes on all maps, things should load a bit faster.
– Increased armor points amount given by armor pickups.

– Added a new CTF map (Stryker)

– Fixed crashes caused by Marine weapons (Pistol, Shotgun, Chaingun).
– Fixed crashes in CTF matches caused by flag-carrier leaving the game.
– Enhanced bots behavior on slopes.
– Fixed wrong menu options position on Team Selection window.

– Teams always set up before the match; creating and removing teams in gameplay is forbidden.
– Coloured decorations, such as torches, now have static light of their Team colour.

If this is the first time you get Korax Arena, please download version 1.0 from here. and install it, then download the patch file below.

If you have already downloaded and installed Korax Arena v1.0, you can download the v1.0.2 patch from here.

You can also download the editing packages to make your own maps for Korax Arena from here.

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Korax Arena 1.0 Final Release

We are proudly announcing it, Korax Arena: Tournament of the Serpent Riders has arrived! \:D/

With this final release, we are also releasing the editing package for all you mapping enthusiasts, so you can create new maps for ANY gameplay mode, as you might know, we have also created a Wiki with information about our projects. It contains documentation on how to make maps for every gameplay mode in Korax Arena.

There’s also a model pack, which adds models for decorations of Korax Arena.

Finally, you can download Korax Arena 1.0 from our account, you can also find a copy of the User’s Manual in our Wiki. We hope you enjoy this release as we did when creating it, it was the work of a whole year of development. If you find any bugs, or would like to suggest anything, feel free to post in the official Korax Arena forums, we’ll surely spot it and fix it, or comment on any feature suggestions.

We wish you all a Merry XMAS… Havoc!!

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(UPDATED) Korax Arena BETA Released!

We are proud to announce the release of Korax Arena BETA, this new version has improved stability and gameplay a lot, we have added new gameplay modes, improved maps, fixed many bugs and made lots of improvements.

LAN games improved thanks to the new network code on the Vavoom engine, here are some other changes made to this release:

– Added CTF and Domination gameplay modes
– Added XMas Havoc gameplay mode
– Added server options for games
– Korax Arena can now be played with original hexen maps
– Balanced weapon damage rates
– Improved bot AI routines
– Added new powerups
– Bug fixes and improvements of the latest Vavoom SVN revision
– Bug fixes and improvements for Korax Arena progs

You can download the new release from our account or from here.

Feel free to comment, report bugs, or make suggestions on the Korax’ Heritage forums and most of all, Have Fun!! 8)

UPDATE: The old version was updated to a new build of Vavoom, that seems to work, please report back to see if it actually works :), thanks!

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