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Stuck in a map
Wings of Fail
ID: 1204Status: FixedVersion: N/AReport Date: June 22, 2017Product: Scattered Evil
ReporterDaniel Andrade

This is fixed in 1.1 with a number of map changes throughout Chuxen, rendering flying unnecessary to reach any relevant part of the maps.

The Wings of Wrath in the map “Land of the Ice Monkies (sic)” cannot be picked up, making the rest of the map inaccessible without cheats.

2 thoughts on “Wings of Fail”

  1. There is a script that spawns sparkly steps leading to the platform with the Wings from two directions. I added spawn points into a third direction that lets you cross to the far side of the chasm where a puzzle switch is located. Will have to see whether this is sufficient.

  2. Wings of Wrath have been disabled and is planned to be replaced by something else automatically. Gotta check into where it is needed on that map and maybe change the architecture.

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