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Weapon issues
ID: 1146Status: FixedVersion: N/AReport Date: June 7, 2017Product: Scattered Evil

Fixed in 1.6

Issues #2 and #5 fixed in 1.5.1. Partial fixes for #3 (Quietus currently back to original Hexen behaviour) and #4 (all changed to AmmoUse, but some not yet scaling with charisma).

Issue #1 Fixed in 1.1

Following issues are not so much bugs as badly/wrongly implemented/copied code (mostly from Korax Arena):

  1. Cleric’s Poison Cloud does not use any mana.
  2. Cleric’s Morning Star should not be available when player has no blue mana.
  3. Fighter’s Quietus now works even when the player has no mana for it, but it works as if it’d be using mana. Instead, it should do half the damage and use the non-glowing sprites (analog to how the axe works).
  4. Several weapons and spells are “faking” mana usage by having decorate states with A_TakeInventory. This doesn’t scale with dexterity or intelligence.
  5. Several weapons don’t scale with player stats or scale using the wrong one. All melee weapons should scale with strength, all ranged weapons with dexterity and all offensive spells with intelligence.

1 thought on “Weapon issues”

  1. Make sure you are using HexenWeapon and the DepleteAmmoEx methods, those make use of player stats to use appropriate amount of ammo, I’ll try to fix as many as possible.

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