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Update the engine to k8vavoom
ID: 2507Status: InformationalVersion: 5.2Report Date: June 20, 2022Product: Korax Mod

This is not possible because k8vavoom’s VavoomC implementation is not backward compatible so we’d have to rewrite the entire mod (thousands of lines of code). k8vavoom is a modern fork of Vavoom. It’s in active development and offers such upgrades as: – The one you are the most interested in. 😉 Updates to VavoomC and a standalone VavoomC “player” VCC – Updated and streamlined video subsystem – OpenGL 2.1 / OpenGLES 2.0 – D3D/Software are removed – Proper display/window modes support – Better lighting and post-processing effects (tonemaping anyone?) – Modern build setup (GCC 10, SDL2 etc.) – Effortlessly cmpiles/runs on Linux (I use Arch BTW) – Bazillion of tweaks and settings – Context help in menus! – Built-in gore/gameplay mods (this one can be undesirable but should be easily removable considering the modular nature of Vavoom) – More (G)ZDoom compatibility – DECORATE was updated too – Many more stuff I don’t even know myself yet. One caveat though. The author stated he mainly focuses on Doom support and don’t test other games compatibility so regressions could be present. I tried running original HeXen and at least the first level seems fine. Some background. I tried running KMod 5.2 on my Manjaro Linux. Saw a Linux binary and script to run there and tried to run them. Unfortunately all I managed to get was uninformative crash with core dump right after engine init. Tried to run the mod under k8vavoom but it seem the “-game” switch works differently here and only loads one of predefined game from “basev/games.txt”. I installed it as an AUR package and didn’t bother with tinkering with files in “/usr/share/” or compiling and installing it manually. So in the end I’m just running it through wine. Work almost flawlessly to my surprise. Anyway I though that maybe you could update your mod to build for k8vavoom and bundle it as a standalone game how you did with the current version.

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