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The game 5 fps when i open the journal
ID: 1428Status: InformationalVersion: 1.1 and 1.2Report Date: December 16, 2017Product: Scattered Evil

You probably didn’t even notice this if you have a good pc, but in mine when i level up and i open the journal it becomes almost unusable, the mouse is REALLY laggy.

Sorry if i did not express myself correctly, English is not my matern language.

6 thoughts on “The game 5 fps when i open the journal”

  1. The journal is almost unusable for me, from 80fps (ingame) to 2 fps on the journal, and if i select the abilities menu it goes down to 1, i play at 800×500 so the resolution shouldn’t be a problem

  2. I’m on Windows 8.1 (in order to start the game i have to set vavoom exe compatibility settings to winxp sp3) and i’ve noticed that the game slows down in some maps but i think it’s pretty normal considering my pc:

    Intel Celeron 1.10 ghz dual core
    2GB ram ddr3
    Intel HD Graphics 2000

    yeah, i know it’s outdated and obsolete but sadly i can’t upgrade, thanks

    • With an Intel HD you could try setting the resolution to 960×540, the video card would have to render four times fewer pixels.


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