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Sound and music volume are linked
ID: 1345Status: FixedVersion: N/AReport Date: September 20, 2017Product: Scattered Evil
ReporterThe Ultimate DooMer

Fixed in 1.2 with audio engine change.

Lowering the music to 0 also turns off the sound. (and sometimes disables it until the port is restarted)

(reposted, as I may have forgot to select Scattered Evil on the previous one)

2 thoughts on “Sound and music volume are linked”

  1. Another one that could be solved by including Timidity with SE distribution, at least on my computer, the music and sound volume is unlinked when using Timidity (or maybe using OpenAL sound, not sure).

  2. Bugs posted by unregistered visitors need to be approved before they appear, so depending on the time of day there can be a delay of several hours.

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