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Gameplay issue
Quietus mana consumption inconsistent
ID: 1510Status: FixedVersion: 1.2Report Date: March 10, 2018Product: Scattered Evil

Fixed in 1.5.1

Same issue as Bug #1146.

The fighter’s Quietus seems to have rather erratic behavior when it comes to mana. For starters, the in game journal says, “Fueled by red mana,” even though the weapon uses blue and green. When Quietus is swung, it is supposed to use 14 blue and green by default (assuming a charisma stat of 10). Yet if the player has an uneven amount of blue and green mana, like more green mana than blue mana, Quietus will keep firing even after it uses up all the blue mana, and continue to use green mana at the normal rate.

An example of this: I had 20 blue mana and 50 green mana. Quietus fired twice, using up all my blue mana (even though it should have switched to its unpowered state after one swing) and then fired twice more, using up all my green mana.

When all blue and green mana is consumed though, Quietus can still fire, except it will use no mana at all. In other words, it can fire indefinitely without losing power.

2 thoughts on “Quietus mana consumption inconsistent”

  1. The red mana text in the journal is an oversight. The rest is due to the fact that it’s supposed to switch to the non-powered state once it runs out of either blue or green mana, the same as in Korax Mod. This, along with the cleric’s second weapon (that one should not be selectable at all if it has no mana) are actually documented in as they are not so much badly working code (bug) as missing code.

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