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Stuck in a map
Player gets stuck inside other actors when entering city maps
ID: 1506Status: FixedVersion: 1.2Report Date: March 8, 2018Product: Scattered Evil

Fixed in 1.3.

On rare occasions when entering a populated area, the player can get stuck in place if an NPC is already occupying that location. By default other actors start in locations other than the player spawn point, but if they’ve been moving around for a while due to previous visits, their positions get saved for when the player re-enters the map. If an actor just happens to be standing on or next to the player spawn point, the player will get stuck.

This happened in Ocadia, where one of the clerics had wandered onto the player spawn point. It was impossible to move from the spot at that point, as the NPC’s sprite was overlapping. (This was also the highest difficulty setting, so using NOCLIP to escape would not work.)

3 thoughts on “Player gets stuck inside other actors when entering city maps”

  1. Forgot to mention, this can also happen when scaling ladders if there is an NPC standing at the top, since the ladders work by teleporting the player to the top.

  2. There are a number of places I’ve noticed this previously and put up some lines NPCs can’t cross (Fortress and Academy entrances from Thystes, both spawn points after a stagecoach ride), but since it seems to occur in other locations as well, I’ll do a pass of all towns with mobile citizens.


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