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Gameplay issue
Magic/Faith/Rage not regenerating
ID: 1207Status: FixedVersion: N/AReport Date: June 22, 2017Product: Scattered Evil
ReporterDaniel Andrade

Fixed in 1.5 (or maybe earlier).

After level 6, the character’s casting resource stops regenerating on its own, regardless of wisdom amount.

It resumes regenerating after level 20ish.

More specifically: This happened as the Fighter, upon killing, at level 5, the magma serpent, ettin commander, and ghost king centaur in Blackbough, reaching level 9 and allocating 15 points into wisdom.

1 thought on “Magic/Faith/Rage not regenerating”

  1. playing the priest faith stops regenerating when the charisma value exceeds 12. I have tested this in various dungeons.

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