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Gameplay issue
getting rich quickly.
ID: 1404Status: InformationalVersion: 1.1Report Date: December 5, 2017Product: Scattered Evil
ReporterDavid Flude

From the point of view of systems testing the following is brilliant, from the viewpoint of playing the game it spoils the game.

Buy items in Neusas and sell them in Thysis and repeat over and over. I wound up with 10,000 gold coins and the maximum of all objects on sale.

I don’t think that you need to fix this. I used it while I was trying to work out how to play the game

3 thoughts on “getting rich quickly.”

  1. So 4-500 gold per trip? That should be OK, considering that merchant guild quests net between 1,000 and 2,000 gold per dungeon map on average.

  2. How many times did you travel to and fro? This might be an issue for the fighter who can get 5 points of strength or dexterity for 250 gold.


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