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Stuck in a map
Crouching breaks Hedyntin Cave map
ID: 1508Status: FixedVersion: 1.2Report Date: March 9, 2018Product: Scattered Evil

This map has been replaced in 1.3.

If the player crouches to enter the underground lake area on the east side of the map, directly north of the map entry point, it is possible to get stuck down there permanently (unless the player owns at least one Chaos Device). The map does not seem to have been designed with crouching in mind, as the intended way to enter the underground lake area is by opening the secret wall indicated by the watery arrow on the ground. This secret wall will not open from the inside if the player crouched to enter this area.

1 thought on “Crouching breaks Hedyntin Cave map”

  1. This map is slated to be replaced by a brand new one in 1.3. As a fallback, I’ll put a grate into that opening.


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