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Crash while fighting
ID: 1144Status: FixedVersion: N/AReport Date: June 7, 2017Product: Scattered Evil

Fixed in r2395 (part of Beta 10).

While fighting as a mage in Ruins of Nisisil (map48) as a mage using weapons 8 and 9, the game crashed at a moment where the player wasn’t firing but moving around (some previously fired missiles might still have been traveling).

Log: - VEntity::CheckRelPosition
Log: - VEntity::TryMove
Log: - RunFunction
Log: - (engine.Entity.TryMoveEx 0)
Log: - RunFunction
Log: - (linespec.EntityEx.XYMovement 713)
Log: - RunFunction
Log: - (linespec.EntityEx.Physics 319)
Log: - RunFunction
Log: - (linespec.Actor.Physics 58)
Log: - RunFunction
Log: - (linespec.EntityEx.Tick 266)
Log: - RunFunction
Log: - (linespec.Actor.Tick 82)
Log: - VObject::ExecuteFunction
Log: - (linespec.Actor.Tick)
Log: - VThinker::Tick
Log: - VLevel::TickWorld
Log: - SV_Ticker
Log: - ServerFrame
Log: - Host_Frame
Log: Doing C_Shutdown
Log: Doing CL_Shutdown
Log: tanthalos left the game

Log: Doing SV_Shutdown
Log: Doing delete GNet
Log: Doing delete GInput
Log: Doing V_Shutdown
Log: Doing delete GAudio
Log: Doing T_Shutdown
Log: Doing Sys_Shutdown
Log: Doing delete GSoundManager
Log: Doing R_ShutdownTexture
Log: Doing R_ShutdownData
Log: Doing VCommand::Shutdown
Log: Doing VCvar::Shutdown
Log: Doing ShutdownMapInfo
Log: Doing FL_Shutdown
Log: Doing W_Shutdown
Log: Doing GLanguage.FreeData
Log: Doing ShutdownDecorate
Log: Doing VObject::StaticExit
Log: Doing VName::StaticExit
Uninitialised: Doing Z_Shutdown

ERROR: Segmentation Violation

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